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Management of acute renal failure

In this condition, patient develops either oliguria (passage of less than 400 ml of urine / 24 hrs) or anuria (passage of urine less...

Chronic urinary retention and its management

Chronic retention differs from acute retention in that the distention of the bladder is almost painless. These patients are at risk of upper tract dilatation...

Acute urinary retention and its management

Acute Urinary Retention Acute urinary retention is sudden inability to pass urine.  It is a painful condition. Causes: a)  Mechanical Urinary Bladder:- Stones, tumors and stricture of the...

Wilms’ tumor vs Renal cell carcinoma

Wilms' Tumor Most common cancer of kidney found in children. The most common feature at presentation is an abdominal mass. Signs & Symptoms: hypertension, fever caused by tumor...

Renal Colic

Diagnostic Points: The patient is in a state of agony.  He moves in the bed constantly to find relief in any posture, whereas in acute...