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Match 2013: Pathology, Radiology down; Primary care applications increased this year

NRMP released 2013 match summary last week showing primary care applications increased this year as compared to last year. Among the specialities saw a decline...

Pneumothorax and its management

Pneumothorax means "air" in the pleural space. Pathology   1. Chest Trauma 2. Spontaneously occurs in Chronic bronchitis. Emphysema. Bronchial asthma. Carcinoma. Lung Abscess Clinical Features Sudden onset of unilateral pleuritic chest pain and increasing...

Mastitis and breast abscess

It is the inflammation of breast tissues.  Most commonly involved organism is Staph. aureus.  It mostly occurs in lactating mothers.  Infection from infant mouth...

Thoracic Trauma

Primary Survey History:  AMPLE A-- allergies, M--- medication, P-- past medical experience, L-- last oral intake, E-- events surrounding the injury Physical Examination Airway, Breathing, Circulation,...