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Winning the Battle on Heart Health

The current statistics show that one in every four deaths in the United States can be blamed on heart disease. That is about 647,000...

7 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally 

If you find yourself struggling with high blood pressure you might be wondering what to do. What is high blood pressure?  This usually happens...


A condition less known... Dextrocardia situs inversus refers to a condition in which the heart is a mirror image of normal placement. With dectrocardia the...

Central Line Placement: A Step-by-Step Procedure Guide

ARTICLE DATA Coauthors: Shah, Osman; AMC, Pakistan/Saleem, Sana; DUHS, Pakistan Specialty Editor: Yengo, Mavis Lungelwa; AKU, Tanzania ANATOMY Central venous line placement is typically performed at four sites in...