If you and your best friend have been talking about getting a body piercing together for your upcoming Girls’ Holiday or another sort of celebration but you have been putting it off, the question is why? For most people, the answer lies in the fact that they are uncertain about what kind of piercing to get. Given the number of options, this is understandable.

With that said, however, it is not a good reason to just never do it. After all, body piercings look great, and they are a unique way to express yourself. As long as you ensure that you go to a reputable piercer who follows safe hygiene practices, then there is no reason why a professional piercing should be dangerous if everyone follows the proper instructions. Without further ado, here are nine pieces of inspiration to consider before your next piercing parlor visit.

1. The Conch Along the Ear

For those who want a little bit of tradition mixed with a bit of edge, a conch piercing along the ear can be a nice fit. To get to know your piercer a little bit, ask him or her about the best autoclave for piercing cleanliness, and take note of what he or she has to say.

2. The Daith in the Ear

Another spot right along the ear inside the canal is the faith. As another add-on inner ear piercing, this one functions as a nice accessory. If you want to really add some extra jazz, you can have two or three additional daith piercings as well. Consider tiny hoops.

3. The Standard Earlobe

If you would rather keep things simple and kick back to the basics, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the standard earlobe approach to piercings. Mostly quick and painless, the earlobe is also prone to quick healing and minimal infection.

4. The Tragus in the Ear

For something a little more eye-catching and inward within the ear canal, look no further than the increasingly popular tragus piercing. With more and more women and men adding this accessory location to their bodies in recent years, this trend is fairly new.

5. The Standard Nipple

Maybe this is not where most people want a needle, but that does not make it any less common of a piercing location. For both men and women alike, the standard nipple piercing has been a top choice for the past two decades and it continues to be looking forward.

6. The Double Nipple

Perhaps twice as uncomfortable is the double nipple piercing. If you are wondering what it is, it is exactly as it sounds. Although you may not think anyone would want to try this, a surprisingly high number of individuals have sought out this piercing.

7. The Septum in the Nose

Do you ever pay attention to the middle part of your nose? That right there is the septum. As the part of bull cows that often have nose piercings in animals, the septum is another common kind of piercing among people around the world.

8. The Helix Along the Ear

For another addition along the ear, a helix piercing can be a stunning and unique option. At the same time that it offers an unusual conversation starter, a helix piercing also lets off an elegant appearance that can complement formal attire quite nicely.

9. The Standard Nose

Lastly, the standard nose piercing is another option for your next parlor stop. When you go, double-check the company’s autoclave piercing sterilization process and ask about the types of brands of sanitizers that they use. All of this information can help you determine the quality of your nose piercing.

At the end of the day, there are countless body  piercings to choose from. Pick the one that fits your personality but also one that you feel comfortable with.