Getting help is not necessarily a bad thing, we could all use a ‘leg-up’ as the old saying goes, and when it comes to fitness and health there are many options. Some people opt for personal trainers, others follow tailored fitness regimes created for their specific measurements, but if all of those are not to your liking you could consider pre-workout supplements.  

They are easy to store in your gym bag for an on-the-go, after-work training session, or easy enough to use in the comfort of your home before heading to the fitness center, either way, there is something for everyone and all fitness levels. Research is key.   

Knowing which variant to try, or rather trying them all is an option considered loosely, can be daunting, even more so if you are a newbie to the gym scene. So why not check out sites like to see what is available on the market and which products and ingredients would suit your lifestyle and active lifestyle.  

There are a large variety of options, like with all things, taking your time to find the right fit will be worth it in the long run.  

Natural versus supplements.  

If you haven’t already noticed the world is full of debate, no matter the topic or subject someone has something to say that contradicts the next person, and so the story goes, and when it comes to hitting the gym and whether or not to use supplements it is no different.  

People doubt the effects of protein shakes or pre-workout supplements before looking into it further, unfortunately, and this is where the misinformation can be so dangerous. Supplements have been tested, trialed, and created in such a way as to enhance our bodies, feeding nutrients to the muscles and cells to grow and repair quicker and allowing us to get back to the gym in a shorter rest period.  

While natural products do have their advantages, they can only take you so far, and to push that little bit extra, go that added mile sometimes it is ok to get help. Where you get your products from is a whole different ball game and there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you are purchasing reliable and reputable products.  

The last you want or need is to be buying generic, cheaper versions of products that have little to no effect and leaving you frustrated or taking more than the recommended dose. You need to research the brands, the ingredients they use in their supplements, and more importantly the strength of the variations. Some are better suited for elite athletes while others are somewhat toned down for beginners, be sure to read packaging and product labels before taking anything. 

The gym is for everyone. 

I remember chatting to a friend who had decided to turn his life around, he had signed up for the gym, enrolled in a class once a week to get his bearings and to ease into the process, but when he arrived at his first session he felt awkward.  

And he is not alone in this feeling (read an interesting article on it if you click here), too many of us are put off because we are stepping out of our comfort zones, and what we don’t realize quick enough is that this is when change happens. We don’t grow in our comfort zone. 

How then can we ease into it? Or do we simply need to jump in with both feet and hope for the best? Thankfully, we can learn from others, as is life, and some helpful tips have been mentioned in many a conversation. Let’s look at what some of those are. 

  • Slow. This is your best friend. There is no race, no place for the first person to injure themselves because they tried to go at a pace they went when they were 20. Progress happens at all speeds, safety is more important than speed at any age, and one step at a time is still moving forward. 
  • Friend. Chatting to a friend while working out or taking that spin class, or if you are both new to the game, struggling together and laughing along the way is a great way to relax and take your mind off of your newness. You get time to catch up, gossip, and become fitter and healthier in the process, everyone wins. 
  • Suitability. Only you know what you like, what feels ok and comfortable, and that suits you. There is no point in taking the sauna spin class when you hate cycling and look like a beetroot just thinking about it. Try a few options, see what does or does not work, and fit them into your schedule to work for you, not you trying to run from place to place to be on time. 
  • Trainer. A personal coach in the beginning months could be a good starting point, they could guide you on various workouts and exercises to achieve your goals, and keep you on track with nutrition and motivation for those days when you just don’t feel like it. And we all have those moments.  

At the end of the day you are going to do what makes you feel good, makes you happy, and if you get healthier in the process then that is a bonus. Living a quality life is far more important than one trying to keep up with the Jones’. If you happen to be Mr. Jones, go easy on us, would you?