Waking up and baking is nothing new. Kid Cudi sings about it in his song “Up Up and Away”. Tommy Chong, a well-known stoner comedian, and California native, promotes ‘wake n’ bake’ on his Twitter page. 

Medical cannabis has been used to get people going for thousands of years. It’s so common that anyone familiar with cannabis culture is familiar with the phrase “wake and bake.” The use of medical cannabis to start the day has become so popular that some are now creating cannabis-infused coffee that can be enhanced with CBD oil. Whether you smoke some of the best weed strains or dabs daily, there are some reasons why it can be a positive addition to your day. 

How to set a morning cannabis routine 

Cannabis has a ton of benefits. If you’re like most cannabis consumers, you’ve probably noticed that the herb makes you feel happier, calmer, more creative, and more focused. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cannabis can also help improve your physical health and treat a variety of medical conditions. But most people find it difficult to make time for their morning routine each day. 

Many people use cannabis as a way to relax, so naturally, adding it to your morning routine can work out for you. While there are numerous ways to incorporate cannabis into the first part of your day, we’ve outlined a few simple and effective methods for you to try. 

  1. Start with a caffeine pre-roll for an incredible buzz 
  2. Mix and match your canna-soda with some crushed ice and zero-calorie sweetener and enjoy the caffeine and awesome taste. 
  3. Pop a small amount of cannabis concentrate into a vaporizer, and you’re ready to go! 
  4. Take a THC capsule or eat a THC brownie for a stronger effect 

Consider the what, when, where 

Marijuana, or cannabis, can be consumed in several ways. You can roll marijuana into a joint and smoke it, cook with it in pot brownies, or bake it into delicious cakes. But what if you’re not ready to kick off with an intense high? The answer is simple. For an instant burst of energy, start with one of these morning cocktails crafted specifically with cannabis-infused juices or sodas that will wake up your brain without washing over your body. Tinctures are great for morning sessions. 

Use a full dropper of a daytime-formulated cannabis tincture each morning, adding it to your coffee or tea for a tasty way to consume your medicine. Don’t forget to add your creamer and sweetener, too! While you might not feel the effects right away, it will effectively bring relief throughout the day. Start small with a half teaspoon of tincture and increase the amount each morning if needed. For maximum effectiveness, choose a daily formula that includes natural terpenes. 

Try taking your tincture before you eat breakfast. This ensures the THC has time to absorb into your bloodstream before being processed by your digestive system. You can also take it with your coffee if you prefer the extra punch or have issues with the jitters. 

Save the edibles for later 

Cannabis edibles are awesome, but most people can’t gauge their effects. After smoking or vaporizing, the effects hit you right away, give you a good idea of how much more to take, and then they subside quickly. When you eat an edible, the effect is delayed about an hour- and too often gives you a dose that leaves you lying on the couch. 

Nobody goes throughout a whole day on a huge high. You don’t need much THC or CBD to medicate all day. You can split up your cannabis edibles into smaller doses and spread them out for the day. This way, you’ll feel appropriate effects for any situation.