Face masks have fast become a basic commodity in the new normal. They play a key role in bringing down transmission rates of pathogens because they help reduce the amount of respiratory secretions being spelled by people, thus also helping reduce the amount of microbes that can be exchanged from one person to another. Needless to say, face masks are an essential protective equipment, especially in the age of a pandemic. But traditional medical face masks are not exactly fashionable, and wearing them for long periods of time can be really uncomfortable. 

So, whether you want to add some style or functionality to your face mask, here are some hacks to help you amp up your face mask wearing game. 

  1. Buy an Antimicrobial Face Mask

Not all face masks are created equal. Antimicrobial face masks are better than your regular cloth face masks because they are treated with antimicrobial properties that prevent microbes from thriving on the fabric, thus helping keep the mask mostly germ-free They are also reusable and can withstand multiple washes, making them a very eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable masks. Shopping for antimicrobial face masks has never been more exciting since there are more and more retailers offering them these days. Just make sure that you get products from a reputable brand. 

  1. Pair Your Face Mask with a Lanyard

Face mask lanyards come in many different colors and designs that make wearing face masks look cool and hip. Apart from that, lanyards are actually useful accessories that will prevent you from losing your face mask when you remove it. These lanyards are great for when you are in public and need to take off your mask, like when dining out. Not only would they keep your face mask close to you at all times, they would also keep your face mask sanitary because you won’t have to place them on any surface where they can potentially get contaminated—or contaminate other things. Lanyards also come in handy for your little ones who tend to remove their face masks and misplace them. 

  1. Keep Your Face Masks in a Mace Mask Case

Face mask cases are thin, plastic containers where you can keep your extra face masks or place your face mask when you are not using it. These cases are small and can fit virtually any bag or purse, but they can store up to 5 masks at a time. Face mask cases protect your face masks from accumulating dirt, and they help prevent cross-contamination between your used face masks and other items in your bag like your phone, keys or wallet. Just make sure to clean it at the end of the day if you used it to temporarily keep a mask that has already been used.  

  1. Get a Face Mask Extender

Wearing a face mask all day can put a strain on your ears, but people have been ingenious enough to invent face mask extenders – or ear savers. Ear savers are tiny plastic strips that can be hooked to your face masks and wrapped around the back of your neck or head. They make wearing face masks more convenient than ever. They also provide a more secure fit, so your mask won’t slip under your nose. Because they are adjustable, ear savers can also serve as a chain or lanyard that will keep you from losing your face mask. Like face mask lanyards, ear savers come in many different colors, so you can wear your face mask in style. 

  1. Get Ear Strap Adjusters

There is probably nothing more annoying than a face mask that keeps on slipping down your nose. Luckily, ear strap adjusters exist. These are soft silicone buckles that let you adjust the length of the ear loops of your mask to ensure that they fit your nose and mouth just right. Ear strap adjusters may just be tiny and subtle, but they can definitely make wearing your face mask a lot more comfortable. 

  1. Buy an Anti-Fog Spray

Don’t you just hate it when breathing under your face mask keeps on clouding up your eyeglasses? Thanks to the genius invention of anti-fog sprays, you will never have to deal with this problem again. Anti-fog sprays prevent your glasses from fogging when you are wearing a face mask. Just spray a small amount on your glasses before heading out, and you’re all set for the day. You can even use it on other fog-prone surfaces such as your bathroom mirrors and windshields to keep them fog-free. 

  1. Secure Your Face Mask with a Face Mask Tape

Face mask tapes are pretty much like those double-sided tapes that celebrities wear to avoid wardrobe malfunction when they wear revealing clothes. They are handy, clear, and easy to rip, so you can get whatever length you need. Face mask tapes help keep your face mask in place and provide a better seal so your glasses won’t fog up when you breathe. 

Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Level up your face mask game and stay protected in comfort and style.