Cannabis has many uses. As a plant medicine, cannabis provides powerful relief from pain and helps in the treatment of serious conditions like cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, and Crohn’s disease. Because of its popularity, a lot of potheads are looking for seeds available online from Homegrown Cannabis Co., grow them and extract the natural compound at home for their own supply of medical cannabis. It also offers many benefits to people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, mood disorders, and loss of appetite. But did you know that cannabis can also act as an aphrodisiac? 

Physiologically, it’s difficult to become aroused while experiencing pain, tension, depression, or anxiety. Thanks to its relaxing effects, which are backed by science, cannabis can help couples get “in the mood” simply by helping them feel calmer. 

In addition to this, many users find that certain strains of cannabis induce a physical euphoria that stimulates their libido. According to a 2016 study, 70% of participants reported that cannabis use led to “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction” in the bedroom. 

So if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety and it’s affecting your relationship, the healing powers of cannabis may be able to help.  Not only can cannabis bring deeper intimacy into your relationship, but  it offers a new way to explore your own sexuality as well. 

Cannabis And Pleasure Chemicals In The Brain

Physical attraction isn’t a precise science. Although we understand the biological processes involved in arousal, there are countless factors that influence the way we feel towards another person. There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to romance.  However, we know that one of the chemicals responsible for attraction is a hormone called oxytocin

Also known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin is associated with positive emotional bonds. It’s believed that the brain releases this hormone to make us feel happy when we’re close to a loved one, thus forming a strong connection to that person. Research also suggests that oxytocin plays a role in orgasms.

While science is still uncovering the myriad ways that cannabis affects our brain, there are indications that the endocannabinoid system helps produce oxytocin. This suggests that cannabis use helps stimulate oxytocin production, and may explain some of the pleasurable sensations associated with cannabis consumption. 

The THC in cannabis is also believed to enhance sensory perception, (you guessed it — also backed by science), making colors appear brighter and increasing sensitivity to touch. For some, using cannabis helps them experience their partner with heightened appeal. 

More Laughter, More Conversation, More Connection

Science aside, using cannabis can help couples grow closer. Consider the ways in which cannabis affects you on a personal level. You may laugh more, express yourself more freely, and experience a deeper connection with the world around you. By sharing this with your partner, your relationship can reach new levels of emotional intimacy. 

Combined with its relaxing, often euphoric physical effects, it’s easy to imagine how the deeper intimacy provided by cannabis can lead to heightened  romantic experiences. After all, many people find that sex is significantly more pleasurable when they feel an emotional connection to their partner. 

Additionally, cannabis can help people with social anxiety who may have difficulty expressing themselves. Cannabis can make it easier for partners to open up. This can result in thoughtful, loving conversations and lead to even greater romance.

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Relationship

If you’re ready to incorporate cannabis into your relationship, there are many cannabis strains and products that claim to be specifically designed for this effect. But you can also get creative! You and your partner can begin adding cannabis to your romance in new, exciting ways. 

Plan A Cannabis Date Night

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, a date night always helps with libido. Plan a special evening at a new restaurant or a show, followed by an intimate night-in. But instead of toasting with wine or champagne — which can actually lower the mood by making you both tired — celebrate your romance with cannabis.

Once you both feel it, put away your phones and other distractions and be fully present with one another. Listen to music or read poetry together. Gaze into your partner’s eyes. Ask them questions, tell them how you feel, and laugh together. Using cannabis as part of your date night can help you both feel more connected and sensual.

Learn To Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles

Another way to use cannabis as an aphrodisiac is to learn how to make your own edibles. By taking a cannabis cooking class or watching an instructional video, you and your partner can bake decadent desserts together — or you can surprise them! 

Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac on its own, so combining it with cannabis can lead to a very romantic moment. But any cannabis dessert or snack, made and shared with love, will enhance the intimacy between you and your partner. Try dipping strawberries into cannabis-infused chocolate for a 420-friendly twist on a Valentine’s Day favorite. Furthermore, we can extract CBD at home by growing some seeds from 

Wind Down With A Relaxing Massage

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage? Whether it’s to reduce pain or minimize stress, one of the best ways to feel closer to your partner is through a relaxing massage. Turn on their favorite relaxing music, crank up the fireplace, and treat them to an hour-long massage. Who knows, maybe they’ll even return the favor! 

When it comes to pain relief, many people turn to CBD topicals for their proven pain-relief potential. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help relieve tension and swelling. Some brands even make heat relief and cold relief CBD topicals, so you can mix and match depending on your partner’s source of pain.

Remember To Use Cannabis Responsibly 

No matter how you incorporate cannabis into your love life, remember to use it responsibly and maintain clear, open communication with your partner. Together, you can achieve sensual pleasure using cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and studying everything above and under cannabis roots. For more awareness and news follow me on Facebook