No matter what type of insurance you have, if you have unexpected illnesses, the cost of your care can add up quickly. And if you have a terminal illness, you might be facing a range of expenses related to that. The good news is that there are several ways of covering the costs. 

Getting Money to Pay the Bills 

Those who are terminally ill will likely face even higher medical bills. Luckily, if you have a life insurance policy, it can help you out. You might consider selling it through a viatical settlement so you can use the funds for your care. If you are thinking of going this route, you can review a guide on what this type of settlement is and whether it is right for you. It can help solve financial problems when you need assistance. 

Choosing the Right Place 

Depending on the doctor or hospital, the price for care can vary wildly. It’s a good idea to call around to find the average cost in your area before you get sick or have to go in. That way, you know where to go. For instance, sometimes an urgent care clinic can cost less and be less hassle than going to a doctor’s office. And hospitals offer different prices depending on the procedure as well. If you have health insurance, you’ll want to see what they cover, but if you don’t have coverage, it is even more worthwhile to make calls. 

Getting Reduced Rates 

Many times, doctor’s offices give patients without insurance a lower rate. Still, it’s important to ask for a discount if you can. Sometimes, the doctor or hospital might give you a lower rate if you pay for everything in advance, so they know they will get their money. So, if you are having a baby, consider this one of many preparation tips and choose to pay for the bill ahead of time. Of course, this won’t work out if you are having an emergency, but you can try this technique in other situations. If you do get a bill, it is a good idea to call them immediately to create a payment plan, since this can often result in a lower amount paid. And if you can pay it in full right now, the provider might offer a lower rate than you would pay otherwise. 

Saving Money on Medication 

You can ask the doctor for free samples if you receive a prescription. Many doctors have free samples sitting around and they can often give these to you. And you can likely ask the pharmacy to give you the generic medication instead of the brand name. Depending on your finances, if you need help affording prescriptions, you might also qualify for a prescription assistance program to help you out a bit. The manufacturer might be able to get you the medicine at the price you are able to pay. And it doesn’t hurt to shop around for a pharmacy offering the lowest price. Some pharmacies have lists of medications they offer for reduced rates, so you can show this to your doctor to see if any of them will work.