There are many women’s health services that are available to women in the United States for free, yet many women are unaware of them. Free clinics are typically publically funded using government-controlled tax dollars and/or, sometimes, private donations from good samaritans who are concerned about underprivileged women’s access to healthcare. The following is but a small list of some of the services free clinics can provide women in need.

Free Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

There are many free women’s clinic Cicero, IL that provide women with free pregnancy tests. If a woman finds herself wondering if she’s pregnant or not, she can visit one of these clinics to find out whether she is or not. The great benefit of these free tests is that women who can’t afford to purchase pregnancy tests on their own don’t have to worry about not being able to find out whether they’re pregnant or not. Many clinics that offer free pregnancy tests like this also go a step further by offering pregnant women free ultrasounds. Once a woman is confirmed to be pregnant, she can also benefit from these free ultrasounds to keep track of her baby’s growth and health in the womb. It’s just another way these free clinics can help women who are financially unable to pay for these things themselves have some peace of mind.

Free Pap Smears

Some of these free clinics also provide women with free pap smears. Pap smears are an important detection procedure that all women should have access to, whether they can afford them or not. This is because pap smears are used to detect pre-cancerous and/or cancerous cells in women’s reproductive systems. The sooner any pre-cancer or cancer is detected in a woman, the earlier doctors can begin combatting the issue and the higher the likelihood a woman will have a good outcome, such as having her cancer go into remission.

Free Contraceptives

Many free clinics also offer women free contraceptives like the pill. The pill can be used by women for several reasons. The first and most common reason women use the pill is that they want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. For women who aren’t ready to have children yet, either due to a lack of desire, financial reasons or something else, receiving free contraceptives from free clinics is a great option. Another common reason why women use the pill is in order to manage their menstrual cycle. There are many women who have irregular cycles. This can mean that they have excessive bleeding during their periods, skip periods frequently, suffer from too much pelvic pain during their periods or something else. Thankfully, another thing the pill can be used for is to help regulate irregular cycle issues such as the ones mentioned above.

There are many women’s health services that are available to underprivileged women for free. It’s important for women who otherwise wouldn’t have access to services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, pap smears and contraceptives to be aware that they can gain access to these important services for free.