Hitting the gym or your favorite workout fields every day for weeks or months without realizing muscles development feels frustrating. You may even think of quitting. And, of course, you will not be the first person to discontinue after all. But that does not feel right either. Accepting a defeat and not counting the loss of time and all the money you spent on Creatine, caseins, and BCAAs supplements? No! It is not what is supposed to happen. You got to hold on, then change your workout strategy, as your workout plan may be why you are not seeing the desired changes. Here are some proven methods that will help you grow muscles and reach your goal faster. Check them out and ensure to incorporate them in your workout strategy. 

Proven Ways to Grow Muscle Fast: 

  1. Increase Your Training Volume 

Hypertrophy requires more exercise, unlike strength training that requires you to increase weight. In fact, you may have to reduce weight to increase the exercise volume. The aim here is to work your muscles out for longer and to the maximum. Of course, increasing weight can help but is not effective as increasing the training volume. Also, it is recommendable to increase training volume gradually per session. However, you may opt to increase weight gradually and maintain the best recommendable volume. This will influence muscle growth significantly and gradually. 

When talking about increasing training volume, we refer to increasing sets of reps, which equals an increase in the total workload per exercise. The best recommendable volume is three to six sets of ten to twenty reps.  

2. Focus on the Eccentric Phase 

While both eccentric and concentric exercises effectively grow muscle mass and strength, eccentric phases have proven more efficient than concentric phases. According to most research and meta-analyses, the eccentric phases are about 30% more productive than concentric in growing muscle mass, strength, and speed. Therefore, focusing on eccentric phases is highly recommendable when your goal is to grow muscles fast. Note that speed and strength are also essential during training. While you focus on eccentric, you can concentrate on either eccentric-only exercises or accentuated eccentric loading. You can also incorporate both as they are equally effective. 

It is, however, good to note that the results of your workouts are more visible after about ten weeks of consistent training. 

3. Stick to Same Training Set  

One of the greatest mistakes people usually make is to change exercises constantly. They randomly switch exercises in every session – they do not have a specific set of workouts that they specialize in. Usually, people do this to avoid boredom and demotivation, which is a good thing to keep you motivated. However, it is not suitable for your muscles.  

Essentially, you should stick to the same set of exercises for at least eight weeks before switching to a different type. This gives your body a chance to neurologically adapt and master the movement efficiently, thus stimulating muscle growth. Therefore, if your goal is to increase your muscle mass faster, it is crucial to select a range of exercises and stick to them for a period not less than eight weeks.  

You can then exchange the exercises with a close variation after you have perfected the initial exercises. Or you can no longer see significant growth or when the exercise starts to cause muscle aches and pain. 

4. Eat More Proteins and Calories 

Proteins and calories are some of the most critical nutrients every bodybuilder should consume in abundance. Some of the essential roles of proteins are to repair and build body tissues and facilitate metabolism. When working out, muscle tissues are broken down for energy. As such, your body requires a lot of proteins to rebuild the muscles maintain them. Research shows that consuming lean protein minutes before, during or after workouts stimulates muscle growth significantly. 

On the other hand, calories provide the required workout energy. You should consume more calories than you burn. An increase in calorie intake boosts energy, hence keeping you motivated. Experts recommend consuming 250 to 500 extra calories per day, especially on a training day.  

Increasing proteins and calories intake mean increased eating habits, which seems awkward or challenging for most people. In such a case, you may opt for supplements such as Citrulline, creatine, and BCAA supplement if you find it challenging to increase protein and calories intake. 


Building muscles is not an easy task as it may seem. It requires determination, consistency, persistence, and, most importantly, motivation. You also need a working strategy, which should incorporate the discussed tips.