Eye creams are sought after by all women since they help hide the dark circles under eyes. There are many eye creams for bags under eyes available in the market.Skin around our eyes is really sensitive and if not cared for, can develop wrinkles and fine lines. Puffy eyes and creases can give you an aged and tired look that no one wants. Eye creams can help you with these issues and give you a bright look if used consistently.

Can Eyes Reveal Your Age?

When we talk about makeup and cosmetics, it is important to have an eye cream. Eyes can reveal so much about you. The wrinkles under your eyes can tell that you are ageing. The puffy under eye area reveals that you are tired. You can wear a lot of makeup and still look dull if your eye area is messed up. That is why you need an eye cream that can instantly cover your flaws and gives you a fresh look.

Why is Skin around Eyes develop Wrinkles?

The area around eyes is the first place that shows that you are ageing. Usually, sebum production is less in that area when compared with other areas of the face. Also, the skin is really thin and soft. This means that whenever you go out in sunlight, skin around eyes will get damaged by the UV rays. Area around eyes is also susceptible to more micro movements like blinking. All these factors cause fine creases and wrinkles along with puffiness.

What is the Function of Eye Creams?

Eye creams actually hydrate the area by acting as moisturizers. It can smoothen out the wrinkles and fine lines. Puffiness under your eyes and fine lines can be reduced with the help of eye creams. Eye creams usually contain at least one ingredient among retinol, Vitamin A, ceramides and Hyaluronic acid. These are found in eye cream for bags under eyes often.

What is the need for Eye Creams?

Here many can have a doubt as to why should we use an eye cream when there are moisturizers available in plenty. This is because, area around are eyes is delicate and soft. They need extra care and can benefit from specially formulated eye cream that targets the needs of skin under eyes. If you are looking for something to reduce the fine lines and puffiness, we recommend eye cream for bags under eyes.

Ingredients in an Eyecream

Whenever you choose an eye cream, they must contain some important ingredients. There should be something that attract the water and keeps the skin moist. For example, hyaluronic acid does this job by binding the water molecules to the skin. Then you need something that prevents the loss of this water through evaporation like beeswax. Such an ingredient is known as occlusive. Then come the emollients that give a smooth appearance to the skin like ceramides. Apart from these ingredients, Retinol helps the skin under eyes by preventing rapid ageing. Vitamin C can also contribute to the anti-ageing benefits while strengthening the skin from inside.

When to Apply Eye Cream?

Eye cream for bags under eyes can give your eyes the hydration they need. As for application is concerned, eye cream can be applied twice per day. You can apply it before you go to sleep and in the morning after face wash. Before using any eye cream for the first time, see if you have any allergic reaction to it. Doing a patch test never hurts. If you feel any irritation or redness, stop using the product and consult a doctor.

What should you do for Radiant and Healthy Eyes?

Along with using an eye cream, you should get quality sleep. Sleeping at a fixed time regularly and eating a healthy diet can all contribute to reduced puffiness under eyes. Drinking sufficient water will hydrate your eyes and keep them radiant.Consuming fruits and multivitamins can also aid in the anti-ageing process thus reducing wrinkles and under eye bags. Exercising regularly, meditating and keeping your mind stress free can minimize eye puffiness. Remember, eye creams cannot make all your wrinkles and dark circles to vanish. It can only decrease them upon regular use.