Our bodies have to work to complete a lot of work to digest our meals properly.  Although we may eat right and put effort into a clean and healthy diet, many still struggle with stomach and digestion problems.

Instead of reaching for name-brand antacids, these are all fantastic options that are both healthy and extraordinarily effective.


This polarizing treat is a delicious snack in candy form: but when taken medicinally, it can help fight back against almost any stomach pain or digestive issues.  Licorice increases the esophagus lining, which helps fight back against acid reflux, heartburn, and other issues that often come from the digestive system.  Although its flavor can be a little strange to some: its aid is the best you can find.


Probiotics have been a buzzword in recent years: but many overlook the power of what they leave behind.  Postbiotics are byproducts of the fermentation that probiotics cause in the digestive system.  Medications like Lacteol take advantage of this and help our bodies finish digesting and healing.  You can also find these in common foods like yogurt, sourdough, and most soft cheeses.


Ginger has been known to help stomach issues for thousands of years.  Although you don’t have to chew on a ginger root to get the same effects that people did thousands of years ago, this fantastic food is a great way to ease what ails you.  The best way to have ginger is to drink it, and although ginger ale is a great option if you have nothing else: the sugar doesn’t help your situation at times.  Instead, seek out ginger supplements or ginger chews that are nearly pure ginger to settle your stomach and help you feel better.

Peppermint Oil

Although most mint can help a sore stomach, peppermint oil takes it further.  Mostly useful for ailments like IBS, peppermint oil can calm your stomach and intestines and allow for food to pass more easily through it.  Although you can drop some at the back of your throat to take it, it’s best when mixed in with a tea or other liquids that you can drink.  It’s strong in flavor and has the bonus of clearing your sinuses while helping you stomach your pain.


Chamomile isn’t just tea: and it’s not just for sleep!  If you have a lot of stomach upset and nausea and are at your wits’ end: chamomile is the way to go.  Taking a supplement, or drinking it, can help settle your stomach and your nerves simultaneously.  This is especially powerful for those who have nausea due to anxiety since it attacks the symptom and the stress itself.  

All bodies are different, and what works for someone may not work for you in some cases: but all of these are guaranteed to help soothe your stomach.  Instead of reaching for antacids that can be harmful in long-term use, try these to allow for your digestion to go a lot smoother.