Senior adults sometimes require a specialized type of care that can be difficult for their family members to provide. This is where residential care facilities come in.  

They are different from nursing homes in that they are more oriented towards creating the appropriate environment that is perfect for the seniors instead of doing personal daily tasks for them.  

This is because they are meant to cater to different kinds of needs. A residential facility is usually small and can contain only a small number of people hence making it look like a family setting.  

It is also located in a neighborhood and not a secluded place. Here is what you ought to reflect on so as to choose the right care homes for your loved ones. 

  • Type of care 

Different people have different needs and so you should note that not just any residential care home will do. You have to pick one that is well-aligned with their needs and will be able to carter to them properly.  

One important factor to consider is the medical condition of your loved one. If, for example, they have a condition like dementia, you should go for a facility that will accept them and provide the specialized attention that they require.  

Some facilities have policies that don’t favor people with long-term illnesses hence you should be careful when choosing. Otherwise, your loved one might end up getting neglected as far as their medical needs goes. 

  • Management 

The quality of care being provided will only be as good as the management. Some are being run by greedy people who use it as a venture to amass wealth for themselves.  

They use it to solicit money from good-hearted donors and other agencies and then keep a huge part of the donations for themselves. Some are also not qualified enough to be able to deliver the services required.  

To avoid this make sure that the management is competent and trustworthy. Go down there and take a look at the facility and how it is being run. Talk to some of the people living there and hear what they have to say about their experience.  

The members of staff should have the necessary certifications and license. They should be well-mannered and experienced in proper interaction with the elderly. 

  • Activities 

The activities being provided form an important part of the care. It helps keep them occupied, entertained, and also allows exercising among other things.  

This is aimed at helping them live a normal life instead of leaving them to feel isolated from the rest of the world. A good facility should have plenty of activities to cater to the different residents.  

They should not be forced to engage in a certain activity just because it is all that there is. Also, the list should contain activities that are actually of help to the people.  

For instance, games like chess are known to stimulate the brain hence are good for the elderly. Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine while tending to the plants in the garden also has therapeutic benefits.  

See this link to find out what are some of the activities being carried out in care facilities  

  • Legitimacy 

You have to ensure that it is a legal facility that is operating according to the set laws. The regulations tend to vary from state to state.  

Some even maintain a list of licensed homes that you can choose from. Such regulated homes are much safe and can be relied on.  

The unregulated ones pose a great threat and it is hard to hold them accountable if something goes wrong.  

  • Medical attention 

Senior adults are at a great risk of becoming ill all of a sudden. Some of the illnesses can be fatal if not addressed promptly. It is wise to have access to professional medical assistance nearby to deal with emergencies.  

For this reason, some homes are located near hospitals or have a few practitioners on-site who are able to help with such cases. Regular checkups are also appropriate to help determine underlying diseases and treat them before they get out of hand.  

Therefore, you should make sure that the home you choose is capable of providing such medical assistance. It should be well-established. 

  • Policies 

Since they are being run differently the policies also differ. These are formulated to protect the residents while also creating a conducive environment for the members of staff to do their job.  

For instance, the visitation times can be regulated to avoid interfering with the daily schedule. Some might have rules that are too restrictive and can be bad for some people.  

It is up to you to consider the policies and choose a home that has favorable ones. Go for the ones that ensure the safety and well-being of the residents while also giving them their space. 

  • Cost 

It depends on the type of facility that you choose. A wide range of services will attract a higher fee. The price also goes higher for specialized services like caring for those with certain health complications. Click here to read more. 


Residential care is different from that being provided in other facilities like nursing homes. It provides the basic family structure considering that the home is located in a neighborhood and the number of residents is also small. This makes it easy to take good care of them and also provides a good environment where they can continue living a normal life. When selecting, go for the one that best suits the needs of the person concerned. Make sure that it is well-managed, has competent staff members, and complies with the law.