Only a few years ago, people used the Internet only for entertainment, watching YouTube videos, playing at the best live casino online, and chatting with friends. But today, it can be used for many other purposes, including medicine. And these are the 9 apps to check your help with no need to visit your doctor.    

Googling a Diagnosis

Doctors used to advise against diagnosing yourself based on the results of Internet searches. But now apps can and should be asked questions, so that you know which direction to take and which doctor to run to first.

That’s how the WebMD app works. It is enough to enter personal data (gender, age), select the area of concern, mark the correct indicators from the suggested ones, and the app will give a guess about possible health abnormalities. It is important to understand that this is not a diagnosis but a reason to pay attention to your condition. There is a similar section on the WebMD site.

Doctor Inside Your Phone

The ADA app has advanced questionnaire functionality. Since 2016, it has been used in 140 countries. The virtual doctor assesses the symptoms and instantly asks clarifying questions. The app compares the information obtained with data from its own library. A bonus for users is the easy-to-understand report format with an explanation of the nature of the suspected disease.

Selfie Diagnostics

Now the front camera of the phone is used not only for selfies, but also for diagnostics. Express analysis of the whole body can be done through – just point the camera at your face for two minutes. The app will scan and monitor vital signs: heart rate, HRV, oxygenation, blood pressure and even mental stress. Not only does it give you the results, but it also saves them and can compare them with the norm.

Skin Diagnostics

The highly specialized SkinVision app specializes in skin diagnosis. In 30 seconds, the algorithm scans the skin and assesses the risk of cancer on a scale: low, medium, high. The app also reminds you of the timing of a follow-up exam. Statistically, it detects the disease in 20% of users.

Forget About Back Pain

LUMOback is designed for owners of gadgets with iOS and Android. But the main point is not the app itself, but the belt, you have to buy it separately. Once you put it on, it will monitor the position of your posture throughout the day and vibrate if you start to slouch, and then all the cases in which your spine was exposed to stress will be recorded in the program memory. In addition, you will be able to find out how many hours you spent sitting, lying down, and how many steps you took during the day. Both gadgets are synchronized via Bluetooth.

Helpful for Medical Workers 

Figure 1 is a useful app for doctors and nurses. It collects a whole archive of images that can be useful in the diagnosis of diseases. This is especially relevant in the case of rare or less common ailments. The program also provides for the exchange of a variety of information between medical professionals for educational and training purposes.

Chatbot to Help

Thanks to the video link, you can see any of the 250 doctors who work with the Babylon app. It also features a chatbot. A built-in symptom checker includes questions to identify family predispositions to disease, assesses lifestyle and even mood. The report includes recommendations for adjusting activity levels and daily routines. The app knows how to work with medication prescriptions and send them to the nearest pharmacy or patient’s office. The diagnostic accuracy with the help of artificial intelligence was 81% already during the first testing of the application compared to 72% for doctors.

Medical Tests

Ornament is a free organizer for storing and tracking medical test scores. Data can be entered manually or a pdf file or photo can be uploaded. The recognition function is still being tested, once digitized, all data is further checked manually by a specialist, so sometimes the process may take longer. The app assigns units to the name of the biomarker, analyzes the condition, and gives a hint of what to look out for.

Take Medicine According to Your Schedule

CareZone is one of the newest medical apps. And probably one of the best. It is a versatile all-in-one program that allows you to monitor your medications and your family members’ adherence to doctor’s instructions. Its functionality includes the creation of lists of medicines, their dosages, and additional prescriptions. You can use a calendar to make schedules, keep a well-being diary, and organize online communication with your doctor or pharmacist.