For those who struggle to sleep, it can be a pervasive and chronic problem. For most of us, sleeplessness is a transient thing that can be alleviated by simple enough solutions. For serious cases, though, it may require medical intervention as a last resort. 

In many instances, the remedy can be something as straightforward as a lifestyle change. It could be solved just by buying a supportive pillow or a new mattress. Let’s take a look at some of the main fixes we can use to aid with sleeplessness. 

Our Circadian Rhythms 

While we’ve created societies that obscure this basic fact in many ways, humans are animals belonging to the mammalian class. We are also diurnal creatures, despite our strange preference for nightlife. 

Many studies have shown that getting inadequate sunlight during the day can negatively affect sleep patterns. It’s the patterns that are the issue, often enough. Establishing a good routine is very important, including setting specific times for bed. 

Not everyone can be up during the day for all sorts of reasons, but the optimal routine is the diurnal one. Being exposed to sunlight during waking hours and then having a set time for sleep at night is of proven benefit for many struggling with sleep issues. 

Food Choices We Make

For many people, the largest and most exciting meal of the day is at night. Some call it “dinner”, while others say “supper”, but this tradition of heavy night-time eating may actually be problematic for bad sleepers

When we take in large amounts of calories or even spices, it places pressure on the digestive system. This can lead to an excitation of the body’s systems, with the knock-on effect of shallow sleep, restlessness, or even full insomnia. 

If you’re struggling to sleep, you may want to try a different eating pattern. You could eat an hour earlier, for example, or change your dietary choices to milder foods. It might even be good to switch your main daily meal to lunchtime instead of dinnertime. 

Having Appropriate Bedding

For those of us who are a little heavier, or those who have medical concerns, having the right kind of bedding is key. The wrong mattress, bad pillows, or anything in the general bedding area can have a much bigger effect than we think. 

If your mattress bows or dips in the middle, you may not be aware of how much it’s damaging your sleep quality. Similarly, you might not be aware that your sheets and blankets are overheating you as you’re sleeping. 

It can be a much more serious thing than you think, and it could be a life-changer when you get the bedding that’s the right fit for you. Before buying a mattress, make sure to check out the best firm mattresses according to

Final Thoughts

For the majority of people, mild sleep problems can be sorted out with a few basic adjustments in how we live. A bit more sunshine, a slightly stricter routine for living by, or changing your mattress can do the trick. 

For those with genuine insomnia, it’s often necessary to take the medical route. For those folks, it’s advisable to speak to a professional. Fortunately, taking some minor things into account in our lives will normally be effective in more ordinary cases.