The world is becoming increasingly health-conscious in recent years. Food waste apps and eating plan apps are more readily available, while eco-friendly meat farming is also becoming more prominent. As a result, you might not be too sure which meat cuts are best for you and which are best to avoid. While meat is considered a staple in most of our diets, meat substitutes are also an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals. However, most meat substitutes are not yet able to fully replace the authentic nutritional content found in meat. Regardless, if you’re searching for the healthiest meats to include in your recipes, we have listed them for you. 


Beef is an excellent source of various nutrients, such as protein, zinc, iron, niacin, vitamin B12, and choline. The rich source of protein found in beef can be exceptionally healthy for energy levels and brain functions. However, lower-quality beef cuts won’t provide you with suitable nutrients. For this reason, you should choose lean cuts, especially if you are following a weight loss diet. Miyazaki wagyu beef and other high-quality beef cuts are also a good option as the higher the quality of meat, the better the nutritional value will be. With that said, the healthiest cuts of beef are top sirloin, top and bottom round roast, the eye of round roast, and steak cuts.  


Once again, quality is vital when it comes to choosing healthy chicken. However, chicken is considered an exceptionally healthy white meat as it contains iron, zinc, B-group vitamins, and selenium. With that said, some parts of the chicken are generally fattier than others. The best options for healthy diet plans are skinless lean chicken fillets. Even though chicken offers a bit less variety in terms of meat cuts when it comes to eating healthy, the number of decadent recipes for chicken fillets is practically endless.  


Pork is not generally considered healthy meat, although this is more due to the method of cooking than the meat itself. Pork contains thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, potassium, iron, and magnesium, and these are all essential nutrients. While quality remains vital, the cut is equally crucial to pork as bacon cuts are considered the less healthy option as they contain a lot more fat. The best cuts to fo for are lean pork chop cuts, tenderloin, fillet, and loin. It is best to avoid rib cuts as bacon cuts due to higher fat content. The cooking method is also crucial as you should avoid frying in unhealthy oils and rather braise steam or roast pork meat cuts for healthy, mouthwatering meals. 

Once you have stocked up on high-quality, healthy cuts of meat, be sure to prioritize healthy cooking methods as the most nutritious cut of meat can ultimately make for an unhealthy meal if additional recipe ingredients and cooking techniques are not ideal. More often than not, the healthiest methods of cooking meat include braising, stewing, steaming, and grilling.