What is a fit to fly covid test? 

A fit to fly covid test is issued to certify that the traveler does not have COVID-19. The fit to fly certificates are given to people who are using the airplanes, cars as well as ships to cross the border into another country. So, if you are planning some summer holidays in a cool, calm, and peaceful climate, do ensure that you have a COVID-19 fit to fly certificate before travelling. 

Remember that almost all of us were home bound in this recent pandemic of COVID-19. This deadly SARS-Covid virus has taken thousands of lives all over the world and it is still producing havoc with its mutant strains. But eventually everything must come back to its normal routine and people must earn their living too as that is just how life is.  

The development of the vaccination has given a bit hope. Vaccination has provided a ray of positivity to the world. People are trying to get out of this repetitive cycle of being confined to their homes by planning some summers to countries which are COVID safe. 

How to get the fit to fly certificate? 

The fit to fly certificate COVID-19 can be taken from any laboratory which is accredited by the official bodies. Those laboratories provide you certain packages based on your destination and the time frame of the visit. These laboratories are aware of the requirements set by the government and have met those said requirements to be eligible in providing the test.  

Government sector is also offering this facility but if you are in a hurry or do not wish to hustle, you have the option of booking the tests and the certificates from a private laboratory. 

If you adopt the private lab or the government lab for detection, then you can undergo any of the following tests: 

  • PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) 
  • RT-PCR (Reverse transcriptase — Polymerase chain reaction) 
  • Antibody testing 



It is a polymerase chain reaction which is used to evaluate the existence of COVID-19 virus in your body. The virus can be detected by separating the genome and viewing the multiplication of DNA.  

Whereas in RT-PCR the RNA is used instead of the DNA. The fragmentation and multiplication of the RNA can be observed in the RT-PCR. 

In both cases, you can determine whether the virus was previously found in the body by observing the fragmentation. 

Antibody testing: 

In this case the immune system is checked. The immune system would be check to see whether it has some response to the virus or not. If it responds, then it is confirming that the virus is currently present in the body. 

However, this method has no way in detecting whether the virus was previously present in the body or not. 

Therefore, the PCR test for travel and RT-PCR are more authentic and reliable. 

Why fit to fly certificate is important? 

This fit to fly COVID-19 certificate enables you to show the airline that you are not a carrier of the corona virus and does not need to be isolated for roughly 15 days. The certificate enables you the right to move freely around the country without any restrictions as you are corona free. 

Currently there are three zones for travelling as stated: 

  • The Green zone 
  • The Amber zone 
  • The Red zone 

The Green List: 

It is a zone where you only need the fit to fly COVID-19 certificate. Upon arrival back to the country, you would have to take a day 2 test. You can easily enter their border by showing the certificate and they may request to perform the PCR themselves to clear any doubt. 

The Amber List: 

There are some restrictions when you travel to the amber zone. You will need to have the certificate which should have been done between 24-72 hours prior to travelling. You are expected to quarantine for at least 10 days when you reach your destination. 

After travelling back from the amber zone, you would have to take a day 2 and day 8 test. You must be quarantined upon your arrival back to the country. You have the option of ending your quarantine early by taking a test to release on day 5, even though the result is negative, you must still complete the day 8 test. 

The Red List: 

It is the prohibited zone. You are not allowed to travel to such countries. If there is any valid reason then you are required to quarantine for 15 days regardless of the PCR test results being negative. As you can be the carrier of the mutant strains. You would have to still take a day 2 and day 8 test. 

Your fit to fly certificate is valid for 15days. After that it would have no worth and value.