Placing an order on weed delivery websites like Weed Delivery Vancouver couldn’t be more straightforward. You can complete your order within just a few minutes and get fast front-door delivery.

If you’ve never done it before, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over all the steps you need to take and help you have a seamless shopping experience. But first, let’s see why weed delivery services are becoming everyone’s preferred way to buy cannabis. You can also see how WebinarCare can help you in achieving this feat.

Why Buy from Weed Delivery Services?

Weed delivery services provide many benefits. You can schedule the delivery to receive your weed at the most convenient time. You can get same-day, front-door delivery and enjoy utmost privacy.

Saving time is another advantage, as you don’t need to go to a local dispensary every time you’re out of weed. You can leverage real-time order tracking to know when your delivery driver will knock on your door.

Another great benefit is saving money, as cannabis delivery services typically offer products at affordable prices due to lower overhead costs. They often offer discounts and other promotions, as well as free delivery on orders above certain values.

Some weed delivery services even include complimentary gifts in all orders. How exciting is that?

When choosing the right service for your needs, check for third-party lab testing, flexible delivery hours, accurate labeling, and competitive prices. Make sure they deliver to your area and read through online customer reviews to learn more about their product quality and customer service.

Steps for Placing Your Order

Placing an order on weed delivery websites doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The process may differ slightly on some websites, but it comes down to the following steps

1. Add a product to your cart.

Once you’ve selected a reliable provider, head to their online shop to browse their product selection. You may encounter products with similar names in different categories, so be sure to double-check before making your order. After you’ve picked your desired product(s), add it to your cart and proceed with the following steps.

2. Review your order.

Don’t rush into paying for your purchase before ensuring you’ve selected the right products and no additional costs have magically appeared in the cart. Every reputable provider is transparent about its pricing and displays all the costs upfront.

If you’ve changed your mind about some products, you can add or remove them from the cart easily.

3. Enter your coupon code.

Many weed delivery services offer discounts to first-time customers and other promotions for all buyers. If you’ve received a coupon code, don’t forget to enter it when reviewing your order. There will be a specified box to type in the code, so you wouldn’t have to jump through hoops.

If your chosen vendor offers free gifts with every purchase, this step is where you can add those gifts, too, provided that there’s more than one choice. Once you do all this, proceed to the checkout page.

4. Enter your billing and shipping information.

Just like with any other online order, you don’t have to provide the same billing and shipping address when buying weed from a cannabis delivery service. For instance, you can put your home address or a PO box as the billing address, while you may choose to receive the package at the office or at a friend’s house.

Since your package will arrive quickly after placing your order, make sure you provide the shipping address where you’ll be at the specified time.

5. Provide an ID.

To buy legal weed in Canada, you must provide proof of age. The legal age for buying cannabis in Canada is 19 for most provinces and territories. Only Alberta and Quebec have different age limits – 18 and 21, respectively.

Now, some websites require a scanned government-issued photo ID when placing an order to verify your age. Other providers require a valid ID upon delivery. Just in case, have a scanned ID ready to avoid any inconvenience.

6. Pay with an e-transfer.

Very few weed delivery websites accept credit cards for cannabis purchases. The most common payment method includes e-transfers, which don’t require credit card information. They’re faster, have lower transaction fees, and don’t show up on credit reports. In Canada, Interac e-Transfer is the most popular option.

Once you place your order, you’ll see step-by-step instructions on paying with an e-transfer. They typically include the following steps:

  1. Log into your bank account.
  2. Choose your preferred e-transfer payment option.
  3. Enter your chosen dispensary’s address or phone number.
  4. Specify the amount and send the money.

Once you’ve paid for your order, you can expect a front-door local delivery within an hour or so. If you’ve placed an out-of-town order, you’ll need to wait a couple of business days for it to arrive at your doorstep.


As you can see, placing an order on weed delivery websites is as easy as pie. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact your chosen provider, as they’ll resolve them without a hitch.