The design of any place is a hard task. You should think about the utility of all items, their appearance, and the created atmosphere. Designing the bathroom may be the most complicated mission because this space is very intimate, and it should translate relaxing vibes. Before you start looking for some details like a 18 inch vessel sink , you need to answer several questions, which will ease your choice.

What Is the Main Style of the Bathroom?

Nowadays, you can find various great options for your bathroom. But if they are done in different styles, you will receive a chaotic atmosphere and space where you do not wish to stay. Determining one style will help you to verify the combination of colors, preferred materials, and surfaces. It can be Japanese style with a wooden bathtub and vessel sink made in light green tones, for example, or a modern hi-tech space with strict lines, black colors, and full of different additional technologies. Aquatica is an innovative company with a wide range of goods for bathrooms. We recommend you to find your inspiration on its website Everything is possible, and you must choose the best for your needs.

How Many People Will Use the Bathroom?

This issue affects the size of the room and the number or shape of the needed items. There are many positions on the market of bathtubs, showers, and vessel sinks. Also, there are many options of furniture for bathrooms. You should verify what is more comfortable for you.

What Additional Functions Do You Need?

Despite your choice of a shower or bath, producers propose many supplementary features. Hydromassage, chromotherapy, waterfall spouts, air jets, and a lot of other functions can be added to your tub for more relaxation.

Find answers to these questions and create an ideal bathroom with products by Aquatica!