Medical marijuana refers to cannabis parts used for medical reasons. Despite the many strongly opinionated reasons against it, medical marijuana may have various benefits. With the increasing legalization of cannabis around the world, many people have been legally allowed to grow the plant.

Unlike other plants in existence for ages, information on growing it has been scarce. What seems like a complex procedure can be simple when grown under the right conditions. When provided with the correct information, growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience for any farmer. 

Essentials In Growing Marijuana

If you’ve previously grown marijuana and it didn’t go as expected, you could’ve been doing it wrong. However, having the right guide will enable you to get the best returns from your plants. The correct information about how to grow cannabis could also benefit beginners who want to venture into the business but aren’t sure where to start.

Here are some things to know when growing marijuana:

1. Space

Marijuana can grow in both indoor and outdoor spaces, and wherever you intend to grow your plants is dependent on your available resources. The amount of yield produced is directly proportional to the amount of effort invested into growing your plants. 

An outdoor space is a cheap method as it utilizes the benefits of direct sunlight. For people with limited space, indoor growing is a good option. You’ll be able to monitor your plants properly and also shield them from the harsh climate. This will likely yield high-quality weed.

2. Growing Method

There are different ways to grow marijuana, and the methods depend majorly on your commitment, availability of space, and money invested. Some of the different growing methods include the following:

  • Plain Soil

In this method, you plant using the traditional methods of placing seed or buddings in the soil. This method is simple as you can use standard fertilizers, but you should ensure the soil is well-watered for better growth. 

  • Coco Fiber

This involves planting marijuana in an intermedium, usually with coco fiber as dirt. It’s also a simple method of growing though it requires special fertilizers, which may be expensive. 

  • Hydroponics

Gravel is put in a pot or trough, and a water-fertilizer mixture is added. This is a clean method of growing cannabis as there’s no soil being used. However, it’s expensive as it needs pumps and reservoirs. 

  • Aeroponics

Roots hang in the air held by a mesh. A water-fertilizer mixture is then sprayed on the roots, yielding a fast growth rate. It’s also costly compared to other methods.

3. Choosing The Right Strain

Different strains of weed could provide different medical values. The different strains of cannabis contain different amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These compounds determine the primary use of cannabis hit such as reducing pain and inducing sleep.

The different strains of cannabis will also grow at different rates depending on the conditions around it. If you have buddies who are experienced in cannabis growing, they’ll be an invaluable asset to you. The right cannabis will ensure you get the best yields and, subsequently, more income. For example, the White Widow strain is disease and mold-resistant, which makes her perfect for beginner cultivators looking for a sturdy weed plant to begin their green growing journey.

4. Understand The Growth Phases

Marijuana has various growing cycles, and each phase has different requirements. During the first phase, you’ll need to provide it with a lot of nitrogen to help it bloom faster and get the proper nutrients at an early stage. In the later stages, providing it with a lot of nitrogen will give it a metallic taste and reduce its quality. 

Some stages will also require a lot of water and some with just a small amount. Understanding these growth cycles and what to do will help you grow high-quality cannabis. 

5. Proper Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the growth of cannabis as it helps the plant in photosynthesis and warmth. This’ll ensure the buds and leaves are of high quality and elements such as THC and CBD are adequately formed.

When growing marijuana outside, you may take advantage of the sun’s natural light for your plant to blossom. However, growing marijuana inside will require a lot of investment in the lighting system. Special bulbs are required to provide the right amount of warmth to the plants. 


Growing marijuana for medical reasons could be successful and profitable when done right. There are certain standards good medicinal cannabis needs to appeal to users and generate more income.

There are also state regulations about growing medical cannabis, so you need to be familiarized with them. The regulations also limit the quantity of THC and CBD allowed in marijuana, so getting the right strain is a crucial factor. Once you keep this information in mind, your cannabis cultivation would thrive.