As work from home becomes a norm amid the pandemic, people struggle to maintain a work-life balance. Office hours are longer than ever, and you can expect to wake up early and sleep late. Deadlines, client calls, work meetings, and odd hours make things even worse. Your body takes a toll on the situation and experiences strange aches and pains. WFH neck pain is a common issue, and millions of American professionals are dealing with it right now. The problem starts small, but it can get debilitating if you overlook it in the long run. Fortunately, some simple measures can provide lasting relief. Let us share them with you.

Work on your posture

The most probable culprit for the issue is a wrong posture, so pay attention to how you sit during office hours. Avoid working from the bed because long hours can cause harm to your neck, shoulders, and back. For maintaining the right posture, sit up straight and keep the shoulders upright without slouching them. You will feel relaxed and easy, even after long hours of work.

Have a dedicated workspace 

The worst thing you can do right now is to work from any space you can find in your living space. It will stress you physically and mentally, and you expect your body and productivity to bear the brunt. Having a dedicated workspace can address the concern. Pick a distraction-free area and invest in ergonomic furniture, and your neck will definitely thank you.

Try a support aid

If your struggle with neck pain is keeping you from concentrating on work, you need help. A supportive aid like kinesiology tape can curb the pain and make it much easier to sit for long hours. You can try pre-cut Tape for Neck Pain because it is easy to apply and offers effective relief. It provides support to muscles around the neck, which translates into remarkable ease and relief.

Take frequent stretch breaks

Prolonged sitting hours can aggravate neck pain to an extent that you will need a therapist to address the issue. The best way to prevent the condition is by taking frequent stretch breaks from your WFH schedule. Set an alarm for every couple of hours and take a ten-minute break to stretch and move around. Simple stretching exercises for neck and shoulder muscles can prevent pain and discomfort. 

Massage gently

Gentle massage over the aching neck muscles can do magic for pain relief. You can use an essential oil or pain balm for better effects. Once you start moving your fingers gently over the area, you can identify the pressure points and try working on them for instant relief. Do it several times a day, and you can resolve the pain from the root with the right technique and practice.

WFH can be a real pain in the neck, but you can address the problem with some simple measures. Just follow these, and life will be a lot easier even as you sit at your work desk for prolonged hours.