Are you embarrassed because of your psoriasis skin disease? It causes the skin to inflame, thicken and get a scaly appearance. It is one of the most common skin disorders with a worldwide prevalence of about 2-3% of the general population. (Source: International Journal of Homeopathic Sciences)

Symptoms of psoriasis

One of the main symptoms of psoriasis is red patches, inflamed eruptions on the skin surface with adhesive silvery white scales covering them. The spots have well-defined borders. In some people, cracks that bleed often appear on the skin. An itching and burning sensation accompany the eruptions, the intensity of which varies from case to case. Psoriasis often runs a relapsing and remitting course.

Causes of psoriasis

In psoriasis skin disease, the body’s immune cells target the skin leading to scaly eruptions. If you have a positive family history of psoriasis then it puts you at high risk of developing the condition. Having both the parents with psoriasis disease increases your risk even more.

Some causes of psoriasis skin disease are:

Stress: Stress can influence your immune system and high-stress levels might increase your risk of psoriasis disease.

Obesity: Excess weight increases the risk of psoriasis disease. Lesions associated with all types of psoriasis often develop in skin crumples and bends.

Smoking: Smoking increases your risk of psoriasis disease and also might increase the severity of the psoriasis disease. Smoking might also play a role in the initial development of the psoriasis disease.

These triggering factors worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.

Conventional psoriasis treatment

As the psoriasis skin disease progresses, the potency of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increases. Psoriasis patients are generally prescribed corticosteroids and anti-malarial medications. These may have certain side-effects. That is why more and more people are turning towards psoriasis treatment in homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy emphases on complete well-being of a patient. It emphases on their medicinal, emotional and mental improvement. A 43‐year‐old psoriasis patient with baseline Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) score of 57.6 pursued homeopathy treatment. His PASI score was 11.3 after 5 months of homeopathy treatment. (Source: Wiley Online Library)

Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis offers long-lasting solutionas the root cause of the problem is identified and dealt with. Homeopathy provides a tailored treatment plan for each patient depending on their history, temperaments and environment. Thus, it addresses the underlying issue and also treats the external lesions.

Clinical research studies conducted in various countries show that 81% to 97% of psoriatic patients showed improvement and with no side-effects. Homeopathy treats the psoriasis skin disease from its root and also improves the overall quality of life of the patient.

Homeopathyfollows a holistic approach when treating patients and that is why there are several remedies.

Graphites help treat the persistent skin dryness, as well as hardened, thick and rough skin. It treats psoriasis on the nails, behind the ears and in the groin region, neck and the bend of elbows and knees. Naturally, this homeopathic medicine for psoriasis is given to obese patients and those who suffer from constipation and/or are sensitive to cold temperatures.

When there is shedding of large scales from the skin eruptions, Arsenic Iodatum is used. If you have severe itching and burning in the psoriatic skin lesions, Sulphur helps. Petroleum Oleum is anappropriatehomeopathic medicine for psoriasis where deep cracks appear on the skin. Sepia Succus is a helpful medicine for psoriasis categorized by the presence of big oval lesions on the skin.

It is not advisable to self-medicate. Consult an experienced and trained homeopathic doctor. He or she would recommend the right homeopathic medicine for your skin condition.

Visit nearest homeopathy clinicfor an effective psoriasis treatment plan. We will prescribe a suitable homeopathic medicine for psoriasis which is free of side-effects.

Self-help tips:

  • Avoid hot shower or limit its time of exposure.
  • Never scrub your skin when you bathe. Friction is a triggering factor for psoriasis. Donot use a scrubber when you bathe.
  • Keep your skin moist as dry skin makes psoriasis itching worse.
  • Avoid using cosmetics.
  • Sunburns can make psoriasis worse. Use a sunscreen with at least sun protection factor(SPF) 30 to prevent sunburn damage.
  • Avoid red meat as it can worsen psoriasis.