Results from exercise never come without effort, but it can be frustrating to have to wait to see changes in muscle mass from weightlifting. It might even be counterproductive; if you don’t see any results, you may give up, and your home gym financing will go to waste.

There are several tasks involved in building muscle quickly. You have to eat properly and get enough sleep in addition to working out on the best home gym machines. However, working out is a vital piece to the puzzle, and some exercises can give you better results than others.


When you give your arms a workout, try to alternate exercises for your biceps and triceps. This allows you to maximize your muscle returns by giving each muscle a chance to recover between moves.

An EZ bar triceps extension involves standing with an EZ bar straight overhead in an overhand fashion with your hands shoulder-width apart. Perform four sets of 10 reps each by lowering the bar behind your head and returning it to its original position. Rest for 30 seconds in between reps. Don’t choose weights that are too heavy, or you could compromise form. This exercise takes your triceps through a full range of motion.

An underhand lat pull-down involves pulling the bar down to your upper chest for five sets of eight reps. Keep your chest up through the reps and rest for 60 seconds between each set. You work your biceps harder when using an underhand grip.


To sculpt a more defined chest that is bigger and broader, you must work all parts of your pectoral muscles, including the lower, middle, and upper parts.

The cable flye requires you to hold a D-handle in each hand as you stand in the middle of the cable machine with your chest up. Use an arcing motion to bring your hands down to meet in front of your chest. Work the front part of your shoulders and the middle part of your chest by performing three sets of 12 reps, with a 30-second rest in between.

Five sets of eight repetitions of dumbbell bench presses work your triceps and shoulders as well as your chest. Be sure to raise your arms straight up with a dumbbell in each hand and keep your feet flat on the floor.

Back and Shoulders

If you want that distinctive V-shaped torso, don’t neglect your back and shoulders during your workout. These exercises help to build upper body width.

While holding a dumbbell in each hand, lead with your elbows and raise the weights out to the side. Perform four sets of 10 reps each, resting for 60 seconds in between. This lateral raise creates greater width of the upper torso by targeting your side deltoids.

When you perform the seated cable row, keep your back straight and your palms facing each other on the row handle. Perform five sets of eight reps each, making sure to contract your upper back hard. Rest for 60 seconds following each set.

To allow your muscles to recover, perform these exercises every other day. Take advantage of free shipping on home gym equipment to get started on these workouts.