IVF and sperm donations are the procedures that are widespread these days and considered to be one of the greatest achievements of human history. All the questions you might have had about these two phenomena are gathered in the following passage.

IVF — Important Points And Ukrainian Specialties

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is an advanced technology that helps women to get pregnant, or in other words, a medical procedure, when the egg is fertilized by sperm outside of the body. The process is done in many ways, and the technology itself varies based on the customer’s wishes. Fertilization is a serious matter; that’s why there are certain rules before becoming a surrogate. One of the most important points here is the age, and here are the main limits:

  • women under the age of 34-35 are at the lowest risks, and the percentage of an IVF procedure is around 41%;
  • women in the age of 35-37 have a lower percentage of success is around 31%;
  • 38-40 years old women have a percentage of around 21%, and as you can see, the older women get, the lower the success percentage they have. Within every three-four years, the rate lowers up to 10%.

Out of these statistics, we can see that the best time to do an IVF is when a woman is in her twenties. At such an age, there are fewer risks than ever, and pregnancy lasts easier.

IVF in Ukraine today is a fast developing service that becomes more and more popular. Modern fertilization advanced technologies that are fleeting with each day. Compared to statistics at the start of the 21st century, the number of babies delivered grew significantly, as back then it was around 150 babies now it is about 8000. Parents worldwide are happily living with their children with the help of Ukrainian surrogate agencies, which helped change their lives.

Everything you need to know about sperm donation

When we are talking about surrogacy and fertilization procedures, it is important to mention sperm donation. It is a big part of the whole business, and they are as important as surrogate mothers. Many single women choose to change their life using the services of donors. Are these trustworthy enough, though, and how can you be sure in the biological semen? 

The main things you need to know:

  1. Donors are cautiously chosen. These are men that willingly decided to donate their biological material and are medically verified for that.
  2. Age limits. The donor also has to be around 18-35 years old, a maximum of 40. It works the same as for women here — at a young age, the risks for a future child are the lowest.
  3. Already have experience in pregnancy, having at least one child. It is also very important because only this way, a doctor can tell if a man has any fertilization problems and a future kid can be healthy.
  4. Mental stability. The same as for women, such mental issues can be genetic, so it is important to give customers a healthy kid.
  5. Undergo a full medical examination, and have every needed a test done.

A man has to put in a lot of effort to donate because he has to pass many tests. The reason why it is so hard is that it is a serious matter. It is why only around 5%of men can become donors. 

Also, a very important feature is that the biological material can be left anonymous or non-anonymous. In the first option, a woman just receives biological material, and in the second option, she can contact the donor and get to know him personally.

What A Sperm Donor Gets As a Compensation

Even though the capability of becoming a biological material donor is very low, there is still compensation for them. Before that, however, it is an effortful process. If your medical or psychological records are clean, then you can be a donor. After analyses are proved, the biomaterial is taken, and semen gets frozen. 

Later the customers can choose your donation, whether after looking at your photo and medical history. But if within the next six months after collecting sperm, there are some new issues found in the material, the donor gets compensation based on the prices that the agency they donated provides.