Snuffing tobacco is no longer as popular as it used to be some decades back. But with the restrictions of tobacco use in public places and the health concerns of smoking, many people are taking up snuffing again.

Snuff can be powdered tobacco or any other powdered drug. You take it by sniffing a small amount of powder, which dissolves into your bloodstream through the nasal cavity. The traditional way of snuffing is snorting the powder from the back of the hand. 

However, the new generation of snuffers prefers using a cocaine spoon, which is convenient and hygienic. When you mention a coke spoon, what comes to mind is sniffing cocaine. But the spoon is not necessarily used for sniffing coke. These spoons became popular in the 1970s among coke users, and the name stuck. 

The spoons came with McDonald’s coffee for stirring and were popularly known as McSpoons. But coke users soon realized that they were useful in measuring and sniffing cocaine. They could precisely measure 100mg of cocaine. 

The typical coke spoon is a glorious, elegant piece of utensil. Some people actually collect the snuff spoon as memorabilia. It had a long, thin handle made of plastic. One end had a tiny scooper for scoping sugar into the coffee. It was a well-designed spoon with no bad intentions. 

The origin of the Coke Spoon

The 1970s drug war brought the coke spoon into the limelight. Since many drug users were using the spoon to measure and sniff coke, it became a target of anti-drug campaigners. They argued that the coke spoon was aiding drug users: and that’s how the coke spoon became drug paraphernalia. 

In 1979, the Model Drug Paraphernalia Act came into law at the peak of cocaine use. The Act loosely defined drug paraphernalia, and many states adopted it into law. Unlikely household items like the coke spoon found themselves among the list of drug paraphernalia. 

The anti-drug pressure led to the discontinuation of the spoon from McDonald’s coffee houses. But the spoon had left a lasting effect and a reputation in the streets. 

The Modern Coke Spoon

Based on the history of the coke spoon, you now understand the origin of the name. The modern coke spoon, however, has nothing to do with illicit drug activity. The coke spoon is not only ideal for sniffing cocaine, but tobacco users also took note of the expediency of the coke spoon. 

Most coke spoons are made of stainless steel with a flat-bottom design to make scooping from level surfaces effortless. It gets the job done! Some are highly stylish but still able to fit into any container.  

There is a lot of diversity when it comes to coke spoons, but they all serve the same purpose. Some are elegantly designed from alloys like zinc. 

A coke spoon will save you from sniffing your snuff powder from surfaces or the back of your hand. 

When using a coke spoon to snuff, you simply stick the scooped end into your stash and scoop the desired amount. The spoon can hold precisely the right amount for a single hit, making it convenient for snuffing. 

Many stuff bottles come with a coke spoon attached to the cock. The two items combined make carrying your powder more convenient, and you can rip impromptu hits easily, conveniently, and safely.

The best spoon for personal use should be able to scoop the perfect amount of powder. It should be convenient enough to allow you to take a small, sneaky hit anywhere, anytime.  

How to Use a Coke Spoon

  • Simply scoop the desired amount of snuff into the spoon
  • Snort straight from the spoon 

You can see how simple it is to use a coke spoon. No preparation needed; just scoop and snort, and you are done. It is such a convenience that makes snuff users love it so much. The design enables quick, easy, and sanitary snuff management. You don’t have to worry about sniffing contaminants from surfaces.

How Much is a Coke Spoon?

A coke spoon’s price can range anywhere between $2 to $10, depending on the material and design. If you need one to make your snuffing more convenient, you should consider the design more than the material. 

Plastic is definitely cheaper but also less durable. The metallic pieces will last longer but will also cost you more. But price should be your last consideration. First, think of the intended use. For a good experience, you need a coke spoon with the correct measurement. 

The main reason for using a coke spoon should be to get a quick hit. You want something that gets you the hit you desire with a single scoop. Most coke spoons are about 100 milligrams or less, which should suffice. 


It is no longer the 1970s, but the coke spoon is still a fancy, convenient, and safe piece of utensil. If you like snuffing powder, you should consider owning one. And you don’t even have to worry about carrying it since it can fit perfectly within your snuff bottle.