You’re probably familiar with some of the alternative psychophysical stimulation methods that are available to you. You’re undoubtedly familiar with the Kratom plant and how it stimulates the nervous system and affects the entire human body.

The relatively undefined formalities of legal and health institutions lead to the confusing status of Kratom in our normative and value systems. This results in a very blurry and insufficiently researched position for Kratom, especially when we consider production, trade, and use.

Due to the stated reasons, negative phenomena appear on the market in the entire chain. That’s why it’s currently possible to get to the authentic Kratom only with prior detailed information about the product you are buying.

Since Kratom is available from two sources, in “brick and mortar” Head Shops and online stores, here are some general conclusions regarding Kratom in classic Head Shops and what you should pay attention to when you are buying Kratom this way.

The Price

Indeed, this is the primary thing to consider. In Head Shops, you get less for more. This is because of the different regulations in stores and online sales, and they concern the very limited possibilities of distribution and overall communication in the process of Head Shops trade.

Due to the total price of purchasing various products from the Kratom plant in classic stores, their prices are significantly higher than those on the webshop.

In Head Shops, a very low sales limit of Kratom is allowed, and when the price of renting the premises, utilities, taxes are added to that, and for the traders to make such a profit, they are simply forced to raise the price.


Perhaps the most important conclusion is that the Kratom quality level you can find in Head Shops is very debatable unless we are talking about just a few branded sellers.

Head Shops retailers aggressively use a vague general picture for this herb and supply and process it in very questionable ways. Hence, it’s common to sell musty products that don’t affect the user at all.

But above all, everyone should take care. There are goods in Head Shops that are also questioningly tested and with a certificate that needs to be checked. You should know that Kratom can cause catastrophic side effects if it’s not officially clinically tested.

The Overall Quality of Service

And this is also very important because, in Head Shops, there are usually ordinary passers-by who mechanically do the work as a supermarket salesman. There are no professional and knowledgeable people who know what they are selling. It is hard for them to recommend what’s best for you.

This general ignorance of possible side effects is unregulated for now, but the danger certainly exists. Therefore, again, you should be careful.


There is not enough territorial coverage of Head Shops to guarantee instant satisfaction of the need for Kratom, while online shopping is, of course, available anywhere and at any time.

Another aggravating factor for Head Shops is that their supply must most often be tied to a single producer and distributor, reducing the volume of demand and leading to a business regression.


Online dynamics impose trade models that cannot satisfy physical stores, and when it comes to Kratom trade, the difference is even more pronounced.

Advertisements and innovations are quickly distributed digitally, and all the facts and selling points are instantly presented to potential users.

Higher Possibility of Abuse

Inexperienced adolescents, in most cases, manage to buy Kratom in this way and misuse it. With this practice, they may experience severe consequences.

Because Kratom has a positive effect on narcotic addiction, this is an easier way for addicts to get Kratom in unrecommended quantities for those addicted to drugs and other harmful substances.

A greater possibility of abusing Kratom when shopping in Head Shops lies in the fact that it’s enough to enter and buy Kratom without more in-depth explanations from any authority.

On the other hand, delivery after an online order is still much more transparent, and experts control sales.

No Possibility for Discounts

We return to the complicated legal regulations. Kratom products in Head Shops can’t be sold at a lower price and thus promote the store because the price of the product must be imprinted on each package of Kratom, and due to the delicacy of Head Shops, products are exposed to frequent checks and inspections.


Despite these warning signs, the scientific fact is that the intake of Kratom can lead to positive effects on the human psyche and organism, and that’s why Kratom plant extracts have long been used in pharmacy. However, it is imperative that you be careful and use the recommended dose.

You should get a little closer to the plant itself and inquire in detail about the seller.