If you are approaching your baby’s due date, check out our tips on how to get ready for the newest family member.

Once you find out about your pregnancy status, her life changes forever. When the initial excitement oozes off, your head would start spinning as you get down to all must do essentials, from scheduling the medical examinations to the signing of childbirth classes and shopping for child car seats. However, all these preparations do not have to be overwhelming. With adequate arrangements and advance planning, you will be ready to handle it all, and be able to enjoy this amazing period.

Have a birth plan

If you do not have a plan yet, it is advisable to have some instructions for your midwife, describing what kind of birth you would like. These descriptions should include the type of relief you prefer, and whether or not you like delayed cord clamping. The plan needs to be flexible, so as to give room when your preferences changes before birth.

Involve your partner

It is very vital to ensure you and your partners are on the same page when your baby arrives. Never assume that he is fully informed of his roles during labor and at birth. Make sure that all chores are well divided to avoid frustrations and burnouts.

Seek help from experienced mothers

When it comes to parenting, there are no such things as silly questions. Make sure you seek help from all around you. Engage your mother, close friends with children, and other supportive mums around you. Take every opportunity to learn from them.

Arrange for additional help

After the arrival of your baby, the first few weeks are usually extremely exhausting.it is therefore worth having a few friends and family who will be willing to help you out. This will especially be important when your partner has finished his paternity leave and you are alone. When considering using paid help, it’s recommended to plan in advance.

Wash your baby’s clothes and bedding

Your new baby’s skin is usually so delicate. It is always a nice idea to wash your baby boy clothes and bedding with non-biological detergents, prior to using them. This makes them softer hence reducing chances of irritation. This will also ensure that all his clothes are neatly arranged for easier retrieval.

Stock up on nappies

Babies do use numerous nappies throughout their day. Therefore, stocking up enough nappies and baby boy clothes well in advance is highly recommended. When intending to use the disposable ones, arrange for at least 10 nappies a day. The reusable nappies use depends on the type of nappies one chooses.

Have your hospital bag ready

Since labors are unpredictable, it’s best to have all your hospital essentials readily packed when you are about 36 weeks. These essentials may include your birth plan, nappies, baby boy clothes, and put your bag close by.

When approaching your ninth month, make sure all your preparations are ready. As your baby’s due date approaches, get a comfortable relaxing chair, place your hand on your stomach, and enjoy some calm before the storm.