In years gone by, most plastic surgery patients have been women, with the most popular surgical procedure being breast enlargements. However, over the past 2 years enquiries into certain procedures have risen by up to 100%.

Interestingly according to research done by Transform, over half the men who have had cosmetic surgery have decided to keep it a secret, 51% in fact. One in twenty men believe that cosmetic surgery is fine for women but not for men. 

However, with the stigma of cosmetic surgery diminishing, specifically for men that could explain the rise in interest in many different procedures over the past few years. With the most popular forms of surgery for men being a rhinoplasty, gynaecomastia (male breast reduction) and liposuction. The era of men embracing what makes them happy could be upon us. 

A lot of people, especially men, grow up not knowing how to love themselves. They cover up their insecurities and hide them from the world, however there are now so many different options that mean you do not have to live with it if you are unhappy. 

Lockdown and the increase in the use of video calling will only have increased peoples interest in investing in their bodies. Hours on end of staring at your own face, picking out the faults you believe you can see, combined with more time at home for recovery and spare funds mean that many clinics have reported an all-time high number of enquiries. 

 Whilst men don’t use the word “beauty” per se, they use words such a vitality and virility, a more attractive face and body can help give the advantage in a corporate world. Just like women, to be young and beautiful gives the illusion of being successful and makes people want to help you to achieve. 

Many famous and powerful men have also been known to have some enhancements done, including Elon Musk who had hair transplants along with other procedures. Some patients have been successful and powerful men who view cosmetic surgery as form of “bio hacking” which can also lead to the mentality of “I want to live forever if I can find a way”. However this is another step along the line for technology. 

Could combining a love for and interest in technology with cosmetic surgery mean that the number of men looking into surgery will only increase.