While a job is beneficial for everyone, it cannot be denied that some workplaces are not entirely safe for workers. Accidents can happen, and these could cause minor or severe injuries. In some cases, a work accident could even result in death. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality that many workers are exposed to, especially those who are working in the industrial and mining sectors.

The law, however, protects workers by obligating employers to adopt safe workplaces. However, certain industries are always exposed to hazards and lapse in protocol can endanger an employee. But in the event that an accident does happen in the workplace, the law also makes the employer accountable. Generally, it is still the company’s responsibility to answer for the medical expenses and repairs that need to be done after the accident.

Therefore, you must know what to do in case an accident happens in your company. This link provides information about the necessary steps you need to fight for your case. Moreover, to keep yourself protected and knowledgeable, you should know the top common work accidents that you must carefully avoid while at work:

1. Getting Hit by Falling Objects 

In a typical warehouse or factory setting, many workers are at risk of getting hit by falling objects, which could lead to severe injuries, especially if they’re large items. Unfortunately, that can also happen in an office setting. A shelf could be knocked over and pin down an employee, leading to injuries and trauma. The risk is also high if there are repairs and construction that is being done within the office building.

2. Crash and Impacts 

If you working in a construction site, bustling port, or a large warehouse, chances are, there are trams, forklifts, and different kinds of vehicles that are moving around. The risk of crash and collisions are always present in these environments. Thus, the best thing an employee could do is to observe proper precautions, be extraordinarily diligent, and wear the proper safety equipment while at work. 

3. Exposure To Toxic Fumes 

People working closely with hazardous chemicals are at risk of being exposed to toxic fumes, which could cause eye and skin irritation. These irritations could lead to severe injuries, and might even cause health complications in the long run. 

In these cases, the employer should provide the necessary protection for all employees, and the employees should also follow proper sanitary protocols to avoid absorbing the toxic fumes and chemicals into the body. 

4. Electrocution  

For some people whose line of work involves fixing power lines, wirings, and appliances, the risk of electrocution would be always present. To prevent electrocution from happening in the workplace, employers should have a clear map of where every power line goes through and provide safety measures for everyone working around the site. The employees should also be trained on how to properly rescue a victim through electric shock treatment and apply first aid measures in such situations safely.  

5. Machine-Related Accidents 

A rolling, swinging, flying, and falling machinery will always be a danger for the employees who are tasked to operate or maintain them. The damage could range from light scratches to severe injuries, fractures, internal organ injuries, trauma, eye injuries, and more.  

In these cases, the management should ensure that the machinery is well-maintained and employees have appropriate and complete gears to protect themselves. Likewise, employees must exercise caution and if possible, perform shifts with a dedicated partner that can rescue the other in case something goes wrong.  


No one really wants work accidents to happen, but they can be minimized with the proper care, precautions, and due diligence. These incidents might not be completely eliminated, especially in industries that are full of hazards, but companies can put up safety measures and protocols to minimize injuries and also provide assistance to injured employees.