The scrub is a type of sanitary clothing that medical professionals, such as physicians, nurses, and surgeons, wear while providing patient care at hospitals. Some healthcare institutions have uniform regulations that specify fit, cut, and colors. However, in most hospitals, medical professionals are allowed to personally choose the scrubs they’ll wear.

Medical scrubs for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have become a significant professional badge. As a medical professional, there are many things that you have to consider before buying scrubs. You need to ensure that you’re maintaining some major parameters by considering the following:

1. Style

Will you go for a stylish scrub or a normal one?  There are several trendy options available for you if you’re more of a fashionable person. There are regular cut necks and V-necks, little ties on the back or sides, and printed scrubs. Some are even luxuriously accessorized. However, if you prefer to stay simple, go for a basic one instead. It’s essential to note that whether you should opt for a trendy or regular scrub might depend on the culture that the hospital you’re working for has.

2. Color

Aside from style, it’s also important to ask for the color scheme required by your employer before finally deciding to purchase a scrub. There are healthcare institutions that are picky and want their staff to follow a specific color for their uniforms. Some are very picky that they won’t allow employees to use any other colors, even for the trim areas. Ensure that you find out precisely what the color scheme required is, or if a particular type or brand is needed.

3. Fade Resistance

As you search for a good medical scrub to buy, look for a label indicating that the clothing’s color is fade-resistant. It should hold up to washing. Surely, you’d agree that nothing could be more unprofessional compared to a faded and scrubby scrub. Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or even if you’re still a medical student doing on-the-job training as part of your journey to a career in healthcare, you don’t want to be wearing something that looks like it has seen better days once upon a time.

4. Pockets

Medical professionals often have to stuff many handy items. That’s why pockets are their good friends. Picking up a scrub with some roomy pockets on it is always a smart move since it’s quite assured that you’ll be carrying a pair of gloves, a pair of scissors, a stethoscope, a patient chart, and so on when you’re on duty. 

Getting through a shift without handy-dandy pockets can be frustrating. Thus, consider scrubs with pockets tops or pants.

5. Softness Of The Material

Make sure to buy scrubs with pockets and are made out of a soft and breathable material. It makes sense because you’ll probably be wearing them regularly all day long. You can get scrubs made of polyester blend, cotton, and 100% cotton. Choose one that feels most comfortable on your skin. Your scrub’s material must keep you cool and absorb all the sweat while you’re getting through your shift.

6. Additional Features

Like the pockets, the little features found in the scrub matter. As a healthcare worker, your scrub should meet your daily needs. It should provide you with the highest level of function, allowing you to focus on your patients. In addition to pockets, look for the following features in your next scrub:

  • Vents – Scrubs with side vents allow for more significant ease of movement while keeping you cool throughout the day.
  • Liquid repellent – The liquid repellent feature not only will make the scrub more stain-resistant, but also prevent any kind of liquid from seeping into the clothing.

7. Fit

The scrubs you choose should allow you to move easily. They should be loose enough to be comfortable, without being so large that they look unprofessional. Details in women’s scrubs like bust and back darts will provide a well-fitted, flattering look, while elastic waistbands with drawstrings make pants adjustable for achieving a proper fit at your waist.

When purchasing your scrub, you also have to think about length. Tops that are too short could be riding up, while those too long will only look unprofessional. Note that the correct length is also vital for safety.

8. Overall Quality

You can’t discount the overall quality when deciding to purchase a new set of scrubs. Look for lightweight ones that have neat, well-placed stitching and good-quality construction. Scrubs that won’t hold up well after a couple of days in the hospital or office tend to have sloppy craftsmanship and loose threads. They’ll also likely look bad very quickly, even after washing them just several times. Look for a scrub with reinforced stitching as it will increase durability and prevent aggravating tears or rips.

9. Brand

If you want to ensure quality, consider buying your next pair of scrubs at retailers that are selling trusted names instead of going for a generic or less popular brand just because it’s less expensive. Again, every healthcare provider, from nurses to physicians, needs and deserves a high-quality set of scrubs. If you’re worried about the cost, look for coupons or sales codes to cut the price.

10. Number Of Pairs To Buy

The last thing to consider, but certainly not the least, is the number of pairs of scrubs to buy. Consider getting at least two to three pairs if you don’t like having to wash them every after shift. If your budget permits, it’s a good idea to purchase enough sets to last through the workweek. That way, you always have a fresh, clean scrub on hand for on-call hours, emergencies, or extra shifts. If you like wearing something under scrubs, consider stocking up on layering pieces, too, such as long-sleeved soft tees or short-sleeved t-shirts.

Final Thoughts

The healthcare field is demanding. Medical workers spend long hours in their work attire every day. They need the right scrubs to provide them both a professional look and comfort to make it through every shift. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t take the art of shopping for a set of scrubs lightly. To ensure you’re getting something you can spend most of your day in, and is exactly what you need and want, consider the things mentioned above while going out for your next scrub shopping episode.