Skin, as the largest organ of our body, is really important for our health. As so, this organ of ours needs proper and continuous care. And we all know that taking care of our skin is not that easy, especially if we suffer from any skin issue. You may have or are using some kind of skin product that helps, but still you want to know more. Since not all the products out there in the market are all-natural, you are searching for other solutions. What would be perfect, is an all-natural product that really helps in the long term and does now cause any negative side effect. 

People’s concerns regarding these products are real and it is a good thing. We say that because we should always search for natural solutions rather than some sorts of chemicals. Keep in mind that skin is a very sensitive organ and you need advice from a dermatologist if your situation is far from normal. You should do that to remove any doubts you may have regarding a product before buying it and before using it. But, in recent years there is a new player in the health and wellness industry, cannabidiol or CBD, which took the market by storm. CBD has tremendous therapeutic potential that can help people in many ways, including skincare. 

What is CBD and why is it a valid skincare option?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Since it is a cannabis plant’s derivative, the first thoughts about CBD are not that good. But, let us explain to you why this has changed in recent years. So, why is CBD safe to use and become part of many daily products that we use?

CBD is different from other cannabinoids and especially different from THC. THC is the most active ingredient of most cannabis plants, but not hemp’s. Hemp is a cannabis Sativa variety, just like Marijuana, but safer and legal in most countries. Hemp or as many call it industrial hemp, is different from Marijuana in the concentration of THC and CBD. Marijuana is not safe to use and still illegal in most countries because it may contain up to 20% THC. THC is the one cannabinoid that gives cannabis the psychoactive ability. So, THC is responsible for making users “high” and causing addiction. On the other hand, CBD does not have the psychoactive properties like THC, thus it does not cause addiction or get people “high” or “stoned”. 

By federal law in the USA and most of the countries worldwide, any plant that contains more than 0.3% THC is not safe to use, thus illegal. That is why hemp which can contain more than 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC is safe to use and legal, and marijuana is not. Like so, even skincare products that contain CBD among other products in other industries are all-natural and safe to use. 

CBD oil as an option for skin

CBD-based products are everywhere these days, including the health and wellness industry, and in skincare products in particular. This industry is benefiting a lot from CBD and is investing a lot of money to make it a permanent ingredient of their products. A decision like this is all a consequence of CBD’s therapeutic properties that are really helpful regarding skin. CBD comes in many different forms including CBD oils and CBD creams, and we will focus on CBD oils just so you understand better its benefits for the skin. 

CBD oil is anti-aging and works as a natural age reverser. It has the ability to improve skin and keep it young, fresh, and healthy. This oil has the ability to decrease inflammation in the skin, decrease swelling, relieve muscle and joint pain, etc. It does that by using its most important property, anti-inflammation, which helps against many other health issues. CBD oil also deals with acne and oily skin and does it very effectively. It has the power to remove any dirt in the face and relieve the pain which is caused by acne. CBD oil also fights eczema, which is not an easy issue to deal with, because it may cause bleeding. Psoriasis also is a painful problem that may cause pain and embarrassment, and once again CBD oil or CBD creams can help. 

In conclusion, we must say that if you are using other products that are not all-natural, you should ask your dermatologist before applying any CBD oil or cream. There is no doubt about CBD’s positive potential but we can not say the same for any mix between CBD and other compounds.