It is essential to cultivate and foster skills that can help you become better in your future career. Therefore, you must choose a direction or a field that you might want to work in. Researching the current job trends and job growth potential is important before making a final decision. 

It is quite overwhelming to choose a career path without any guidance. We have curated a list of the best possible career paths one can take that show a great deal of potential for growth in demand and salary over the next ten years.

Mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, developing, and testing thermal and mechanical sensors and devices. They are typically required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering that includes courses in design mathematics and physical sciences. 

A few five-year programs also allow students to obtain both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree together. Licensure is only required for higher-level positions through a passing score in the Professional Engineering examination. They earn around $90,000 per year, and the demand for mechanical engineers is expected to grow at least 4% in the next ten years.

Naval architects

Naval architects are responsible for building, designing, and maintaining ships, including even submarines and tankers. They must have a Bachelor’s degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. Only programs accredited by the ABET allow a student to become a naval architect. 

They typically work for the federal government, in private corporations, or even in transportation and warehousing. The employment and demand of naval architects are projected to grow 5% within the next ten years. They are paid a handsome average annual salary of $95,000.


Psychologists study the emotional and cognitive processes of individuals. They are trained in the assessment, various therapeutic practices, diagnosing and treating mental disorders, and research. 

Some specializations in psychology need a doctoral degree, while others can obtain licensure after completing their Master’s. You can even pursue a psychology degree online if you choose to do so. They typically work in clinics, rehabilitation centers, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and even the government. Their average annual salary is around $100,000, and their demand is projected to grow 4% by the year 2029.


Lawyers are responsible for representing individuals, groups, or businesses for legal issues and disputes. They advise clients in court, analyze legal problems, interpret rulings and laws for various people, and prepare legal documents. 

It takes a total of 7 years of full-time study to become a lawyer. This includes a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and three years of law school. After completing their studies, lawyers must pass the bar examinations that are separate for practice in every state. 

Lawyers can earn approximately around $125,000 per year. Their employment is expected to grow at least 4% in the next eight years.

It is not easy to choose a career path for yourself. It requires a lot of research and even confidence about what you wish to pursue. You can use this list to help get direction on what career path might suit you best.