Since the outbreak of Covid-19, certain household items that we used to take for granted have become must-have items when trekking out in the world to gather household supplies. Hand sanitizer has become a necessary tool in combating the spread of germs from person to person. Each and every hand is a potential petri dish of bacteria and virus, so tools like hand sanitizers are essential in slowing the spread of infectious disease in our busy world.

Three Easy Tips For Picking The Right Hand Sanitizer

  1. Make sure it is effective at killing germs. Every bottle of Dr. Brite Hand Sanitizer contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is a concentration of alcohol that meets and exceeds the CDC’s recommended hand sanitizer solution for effectively and quickly killing germs and viruses on contact.
  2. Figure out what size bottle is needed for the situation at hand. If you are, say, running triage in an emergency room: you might want to grab hand sanitizer by the gallon container. Depending on the size of your hospital, you may want to grab a few in that size, because every visitor to the party that you meet will need some of that sweet, sweet virus killing goodness on their hands to help decrease the spread of infectious disease – in the hospital and beyond. If you only need a few bottles that will fit in your purse for your once a day trip to the post office, you might instead opt for the handy 1.7oz keychain size.
  3. Just as effective as the gallon size, but in a cute little bottle with a clip for securing to whatever you like – a small but mighty package that won’t hog room from the car keys and the wallet. Aside from the gallon and the 1.7 oz keychain bottle, we have several in-between sizes to meet your needs, as well.
  4. Choose unscented or pick a scent. We have a few nice scents, including citrus, and several seasonal scents – such as “Winter Air”, “Cranberry Cider”, “Balsam Pine”, or “Pumpkin Spice”. You can even get a variety pack if you can’t decide.

Amazing Selection, Developed By Medical Practitioners

Dr. Brite was developed by a dentist (Dr. Pooneh Ramezani) and a medical doctor (Dr. Paris Sabo), from Orange County, California, who took their extensive knowledge of human homeostasis and the healthy maintenance of the human body to create great products and formulas, using the latest in natural ingredient research to guide them through the development of their uniquely crafted product line. 

Having worked in many clinical settings, the doctors were well familiar with the ease of use and efficacy of hand sanitizer. Having clean, germ-free hands is page number one in any practitioner’s training book, and the amazing selection of hand sanitizers from Dr. Brite will keep your hands germ-free and smelling wonderful day and night. 

Have It Sent To Your Door

Dr. Brite will send your first order to your door. Every 2 months, you will receive another box of the products you chose (that you can alter at any time), to make sure you never run out of the things that help protect you and your loved ones from contagions and disease. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, you can cancel further orders from arriving through the website.

Keeping You And Your Family Safe

Germs have become the Boogie Man to many of us in the past year. Strict handwashing has always been the cornerstone of preventing the spread of disease in the clinical setting. Since we aren’t always near soap and water, hand sanitizer does an equally great job of killing those pesky disease-causing viruses and bacteria that we pick up in random places as we navigate our day. By ensuring that your hands are frequently scrubbed free of contaminants, you can rest a little easier during your stressful days and nights. Clean hands mean that you are doing yourself, as well as everyone around you, a big favor – a favor that keeps you and your closest loved ones safe from infectious disease.