Gone are the days of women being the only sex removing hair from their bodies. Now, even men want to be physically attractive, smell good, and be hair-free. And since we no longer live in the caveman days, men no longer have to look like one. Chances are, most men have now heard of the term “manscaping,” (and if not, it may be because they still in fact have to still be living in a cave).

So if it is a cave you have been or are still living in and have never heard of the term, manscaping is a method when men “clean-up” the hairy parts of the body by trimming excess hair or removing it. This can be done by shaving with a blade or razor, waxing, using a depilatory cream, plucking with tweezers, or using clippers. It is often associated with personal body grooming products like those found on https://letsdisco.com/.

Every man knows what he likes and what he does not like (especially when it comes to products). That is because often the way they look is less about them, but more about how others see them and are attracted by what is seen. And body hair is no exception when it comes to looks and attraction. 

Manscaping is not always easy. As a matter of fact, not doing it the right way can result in skin irritation, hair bumps, and/or uneven hair. Just like there is a wrong way to manscape, there is a right way. 

Here are five tips for manscaping every man should know:

  1. Use New Razors

While buying razors can become expensive over time, a new razor is needed to prevent skin irritation and razor bumps. If you are not able to purchase new razors consistently, be sure to not use them more than two to three times (paying close attention to the razor after each use). Because certain areas of the skin are rougher than others, it dulls the razor after a few uses (even if you exfoliate the area first). Remember, they are called disposable razors for a reason.

  1. Don’t Do it Wet

Most people recommend shaving after taking a shower. The reason is that the water softens your hair. However, I will never recommend you to follow this advice. Always trim the hair before showering. Dry hair is extremely easy to remove in comparison with wet hair. Wet hair sticks to the skin, which makes it a challenging situation. That is why you should keep the shower off until you’re done.

  1. Know Where You Want

Before manscaping, you’ll have to decide where you want to manscape and it isn’t all about pubic hair. It is about hair anywhere on the body:

  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Beard
  • Mustache
  • Sideburns

Basically, anywhere hair grows, can be manscaped. When deciding where on your body you want hair trimmed or removed, you have to decide how you want to look. That will determine how and what you should use to manscape. Will you be waxing entirely or partially? Or will you stick to a risk-free trim? Nowadays, there are also dozens of designs to choose from if that is what you are into.

  1. Choose the Right Method

It was previously noted the many ways you can trim or remove hair. But mentioning them does nothing if you are not familiar with what it could mean in the varying areas you choose to manscape. After all, if you want to remove hair from the chest, back, or underarms, waxing may not necessarily be your first choice. After all, waxing is generally an extreme measure of hair removal. A depilatory cream may work better (especially if the goal is to remove all of the air). If you are manscaping under your arms, a simple trimmer may do the trick. Trimmers also make it a little easier to even out the hair.

  1. Cleanse/Moisturize The Skin

No matter where you decide to manscape, ensure the skin is thoroughly cleaned. If possible, purchase a good body or facial cleansing product (like those at https://letsdisco.com/) before manscaping. This will help soften the skin and clean out your pores before hair removal or trimming. This will also help reduce nicks or cuts to the skin. After manscaping (no matter where), moisturize the skin. This will help reduce redness, irritation, or bumps. 

Manscaping is no longer as easy as just removing hair from the body. It is about removing it and being happy with the outcome. Confidence does not come from carelessness, it comes from being properly informed.