Herbal teas are gaining popularity. Seasonal ailments have stimulated conventional tea drinkers to go for healthy substitutes. Hemp tea, or cannabis tea, is the new tea that benefits the mind and body in multifarious ways.

What makes Hemp tea special and valuable? Cannabis sativa plant, the source of Hemp tea, became controversial during the 20th century because of its psychoactive effects, though Hemp tea is not psychoactive. Careful breeding of cannabis over the past few years has moved many customers to Hemp tea. Let us explore Hemp tea’s benefits and know how it changes the beverage landscape through the wellness route.    

Hemp Tea: A Bounty Of Health

Hemp tea is a hot brew made of crushed hemp flowers and leaves. Steeping the green and brown tea releases its cannabinoids into the boiling water infusion. Adding a dash of cow-based high fat to the hot brew facilitates better CBD absorption by the body.   

There is a misconception that hemp tea will make you high. That isn’t the case. Hemp is low in THC and should be less than 0.2% in the UK and the EU.           

Steep nature-sourced hemp tea leaves in boiling water, and you will experience health stimulation. Here are a few satisfying benefits of hemp tea.

1. Fights Anxiety And Depression

Many conventional OTC drugs for anxiety are addictive and may cause side effects. CBD in hemp tea affects serotonin levels, easing anxiety, and regulating the mood. In a 2011 study, participants with social anxiety disorder showed reduced anxiety levels after taking an oral dose of 400-mg of CBD. This highlights the importance of Hemp tea. Besides it,you can also buy CBD gummies for anxiety to get away from daily stress. 

2. Overcomes Sleep Disorders

If you are struggling to get peaceful sleep, hemp tea may help you tide over it. Cannabidiol in Hemp flowers interact with brain receptors to bring a positive effect on the sleep cycle. Apart from CBD beverages, CBD oil is an excellent remedy for insomnia.    

3. Eases Chronic Pain

Hemp tea produces endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system helping in pain regulation. Many random clinical trials have shown hemp in reducing arthritis and cancer pain. However, it’s a good idea to consume hemp tea after a doctor’s consultation.On the contract, if you need something quick to pop & remove that pain;try CBD Edibles.

4. Treats Nausea

Most tea drinkers consume ginger tea when feeling like throwing up—the cannabinoids in Hemp tea help end feelings of nausea and digestive discomfort.              

5. Improves Heart Health

The Hemp plant has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce high blood pressure. It also has anti-oxidative properties to combat free radicals in the body, promoting a healthy heart.            

The Bottom Line

A cup of Hemp tea makes an incredible infusion. Take it when you are feeling low or to treat some health problems. Avoid taking Hemp tea as an OTC remedy. Seek medical prescription to consume Hemp tea with precaution and care.