Because of the global pandemic, more and more individuals are facing a personal crisis and turning to self-medication with drugs and/or alcohol. 

In addition, and unfortunately, many of those who were in recovery last year, have fallen back into old unhealthy habits. Seeking help with addiction is not as easy as it once was. Of course, individuals can get Telehealth therapy online, but it may not be as simple as that. Often times there are insurance requirements as well as a copay that needs to be considered. 

Things to remember if you’re struggling with drug addiction:

One of the main issues concerning someone who is dealing with drug addiction is how to stop. Of course, they don’t want to continue to be a slave to their addiction, to feed the monster that is now possessing their body and mind. However, addiction is hard to stop. The will and motivation to quit doing drugs could be at unbelievably high levels, but actually stopping is another issue altogether. 

The First Step

Wanting to quit drugs is part of the first step. Seeking help is actually a “step” towards recovery. Reaching out to someone who can help you start a recovery program can be a scary thought, but you will be glad you took the leap. Do not let someone’s judgment or thoughts of you deter you from moving forward in recovery. What your family, friends, or coworkers think of you is none of your concern. 

You Are Not Alone

First and most importantly, you are not alone. Even if you live alone, and don’t have much contact with other people, you are still not alone. There is a world of people out there that can and will help you. Since the pandemic hit the world, more and more therapists and counselors have moved their practices online. There are also drug and alcohol recovery meetings held online rather than in church basements. The anonymity is still there; you can choose a group that meets via video chat or simply on a conference call. 

Addiction is Not a Moral Failing

A person who is addicted to drugs, whether they are street drugs or prescription drugs, may think there is something morally wrong with them. They may feel they are unworthy of help, of living a clean, healthy life. This simply is not true. Addiction is a tricky business, often times hiding in a person’s DNA. You may be doing something that is bad, but you, as a person, are not bad. Reasons aside, becoming addicted is more common than you might think. There are many people who are “functioning” addicts, which means they can continue with their daily lives without anyone knowing they have an addiction. Although, addiction will eventually catch up with their body and become known. 

The Only Way Through

The only way through addiction is to face it head-on. Try as best you can, with as much help as you can find. You have to keep going. You may stumble and find yourself back with your addiction, but don’t beat yourself up over it, you are not perfect. You are trying.