Becoming a licensed doctor is a job role that is revered in society and is considered one of the most dignified professions. Though to become a doctor, you need to put in an arduous amount of effort in your studies and seek enrolment in a good medical school.

While U.S. medical schools have always been the first choice of students in this field, finding admission in one is seldom easy and secondly comes the high cost of the program.

An excellent alternative in such a case is the Caribbean medical school that offers a quality education at affordable prices. Students across the globe choose to study here for the multitude of benefits that they can enjoy. Caribbean medical school cost at Saba is not only budget-friendly for students but the school also has an outstanding experience of 30 years in training medical aspirants. The best part? The medical school also offers clinical rotation as part of the learning experience.

Why choose a Caribbean medical school?

When it comes to medical studies, U.S. medical schools have certainly enjoyed a strong global position. Though the fact remains that these medical schools have a high percentage of rejecting applications which have spiked up to 57%.

Then comes the high fees of the U.S. schools which many students struggle to manage. Saba medical school in the Caribbean on the other hand charges 30-40% lesser fees, and being an accredited and established name, it offers quality education to students.

Hence, Caribbean schools are rising in popularity among students who prefer the overall environment of such schools and their unique method of education. For example, you will find smaller class size in the medical schools here, which a deliberate measure is taken by the faculty.

This ensures that each student gets individual attention and can understand the curriculum better. Hence, they can make the most of the program and can interact with the teachers over any kind of doubt or query.

Also, the Caribbean medicals schools have an easier admission procedure which is less stringent than their U.S. counterpart. While overall good grades, a high MCAT score and overall strong educational background are a requisite but the benchmark is nowhere as sky high as U.S. medical schools.

Not only are the Caribbean medical school open to taking notable students from all over the world, but they also offer a plethora of other benefits. One of them includes getting to do rotational shifts with global clinics to add to your experience.

Benefits of Caribbean medical school 

Some of the best advantages that come with studying in a Caribbean medical school along with affordable education are the following:

  • Clinical rotation in the U.S. and other countries– Medical students know the importance that clinical rotations have on a student’s career. It gives them a chance to observe doctors treat patients in an actual clinical setting and also gives them their first experience of how the work environment within hospitals is. While studying in a Caribbean medical school, students get to take part in a clinical rotation in the 3rd year and the 4th. This global training is not only essential in gaining a real-world experience of medicine but also comes immensely useful while applying for residency.
  • Overall great environment– The Caribbean offers a relaxed and serene environment where students can practice many forms of water sports and also enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This is useful in tackling the overall stress that comes with medical studies.