Improving and protecting your vision is easy. However because many of us take our sight for granted, we might not realize something is wrong until our vision has become directly impacted or has started to deteriorate. 

To keep your vision from worsening you need to start taking your eye health seriously. That means making lots of little changes to your lifestyle so you can carry on enjoying and appreciating the little things, like the faces of your children and your independence. Here we’ll explore how you can be in better control of your eye health and benefit from stronger, clearer vision for years to come. 

Update your prescription

When was the last time you saw an optometrist? Experts recommend an eye exam every 1-2 years or sooner depending on your medical history. Keeping your prescription updated means your lenses will be correct and you’re less likely to suffer from eyestrain. Knowing how to read glasses prescription will also help you to understand your vision needs better. It also means you can shop for your glasses online, enjoy a better choice of frames and styles and still benefit from high-quality lenses. Whether you require progressive or bifocals, prism glasses or blue light blockers, you’ll find everything you need at the touch of a button. 

Understand if you’re at risk

By taking control of your underlying health issues, you can also preserve your vision and your eye health. For example, if you’re someone who has a family history of diabetes then you’re not just at risk of this debilitating condition, but also the potential eye problems – such as retinopathy – that come with it. By adjusting your diet and keeping your blood sugar levels down, you’ll be preserving your vision and reducing the likelihood of retinal detachments and blindness. 

High blood pressure can also lead to retinal problems, including swelling of the eye and bleeding, all of which can have a devastating impact on your vision. Keeping your blood pressure down will help preserve your vision. 

Say no to smoking

Those cigarettes have got to go. Not only are you at risk of developing heart disease, having a stroke or heart attack, as well as other diseases such as lung cancer and COPD, every time you puff on a cigarette you’re putting your vision at risk. Smoking leads to cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome and glaucoma. 

Always protect your eyes

Your eyes come into contact will all kinds of risks every single day. You just don’t realize it. Educating yourself on the dangers to your vision will help you take the right steps to preserve it. Wearing safety goggles when instructed will keep your eyes safe at work. Investing in high-quality sunglasses with UV and UVB protection will prevent sun damage and cancer all year round and blue light blocking lenses will reduce the likelihood of eye strain which can lead to all kinds of other health issues. 

Final thoughts…

As you can see, looking after your eyes is easy when you know-how. Take the steps mentioned above to preserve your vision for years to come.