Wilms’ Tumor

Most common cancer of kidney found in children. The most common feature at presentation is an abdominal mass.
Signs & Symptoms:
  • hypertension, fever caused by tumor necrosis, hematuria, and anemia
  • Aniridia and Hemihypertrophy

Treatment: Indications for primary surgical excision of a Wilms tumor (WT) include tumors confined to the kidney, extending beyond the kidney but not crossing the midline, and with or without vascular extension.

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Most common cancer of kidney in adults. 90% of RCC occur on superior pole of kidney.
Signs & Symptoms:
  • painless hematuria
  • flank mass
Other Features:
  • highly vascular (due to their nature of producing angiogenin)
  • polycythemia (due to the nature of cells producing erythropoietin)
  • metastasizes via retroperitoneum
  • favorite metastatic site is lungs (showing as canon balls on X-ray)
  • 20% contralateral recurrence
Risk factors: smoking, von hippel landau syndrome, tuberous sclerosis
Evaluation: UA, sono, IVP, CT, angiogram
Treatment: Surgical removal
Follow-up: Annual CT scan after surgery to detect recurrence