The world might not seem very welcoming to people with mobility issues, but that is not true. From cobbled pathways to beaches, to wildlife, there is nothing that one can not enjoy. There is no reason why one should stay in bed all day when a trip is planned, and travelling is possible. 

However, when one has a disability, whether it’s temporary or permanent, it does come with problems of its own. So, it might not be easy, but if you follow our trips, it will be worth it!

Grab a notebook to write down all the things you need to know of before you grab a flight. 

Plan ahead 

Your country might have all the benefits needed for differently-abled people, but the place or state you are visiting might not be as convenient. Make sure you do your research to find yourself the best accommodation. Look for the right hotels, cruises and even the transportation to see whether or not it would be comfortable for you. And in case it is not satisfied, you can make arrangements to make your trip easier. For example, on the way to travel within the town is with a 3 wheel scooter, which would be convenient for many types of disabilities. 

Be careful of your needs 

If there are certain things that you require in your everyday routine, there is a chance that you might even want to do them while you are travelling. Let’s say that you have your most energy in the day time after you wake up and have a little breakfast, that is the time you can do things with more concentration. So, when you are travelling, plan your days’ activities at the time, you believe you would enjoy the most, whether it is bird watching or going to the beach. 

Look for accessible accommodation 

In case you are feeling spontaneous and are going to take a solo trip, be sure that the place you live has the things you need, such as a roll-in shower or a shower bench. Moreover, you need to see if hotels and bathrooms have doors that are meant for wheelchairs to pass by. Sometimes hotels have unnecessary steps built which makes it difficult for people to manoeuvre from one place to the other.  

Get in touch with an agent 

Nowadays, many travel companies have done all the hard work for you and arrange affordable trips that cater to all your needs. However, be sure to check double their offer, their testimonials and any other details. Agents usually have lists of hotels, transportations and other facilities that are easy for people with disabilities. They can even tell you if you travel to Venice and go on a boat ride without a problem. It is ideal to find yourself the right resources and do your research well before making any decision. 

We hope you have a safe and comfortable trip whenever you go!