This site presents to you a variety of answers to medical questions that might have been boggling your mind, especially in relation to fitness, nutrition, and overall health. So naturally, we have to give the spotlight to one of the most famous healthy meals or should I say drink prep plans that even celebrities absolutely crave! And that’s juicing!

I’m pretty sure you have some questions regarding the issue and, of course, I am happy to oblige. I’ve listed some of the answers to the commonly asked questions regarding green juices for you. Enjoy.

What actually is Green Juice?

Green juice is basically any liquid made out of a combination of green vegetables that have been broken down without any of its pulp. It requires a specific machine or a simple tool to extract the juices of specific fruits and vegetables combined together.

Can you really lose weight by drinking green juice alone?

Yes. Technically, if you eat or drink anything that is less than your required caloric intake for the day, then you would absolutely lose weight. 

Wehn it comes to vegetables, only 1 in 10 adults get the appropriate amount of vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. However, as we pointed out, making yourself hungry isn’t the best way to lose weight, and if you only drink green juice, then that would obviously make you go hungry. 

Every human body needs different nutrients, which means diet plans don’t technically work for everyone. If you really want to follow a specific meal plan to lose weight, talk to your doctor or dietician to see how you can retrofit this to your basic needs.

Is there a difference between juicing and making smoothies?

Yes. Juicing entails extracting the liquid component of fruits and vegetables which, of course, is also known as the juices. But smoothies on the other hand are a mixture of different ingredients which could include a fruit or a vegetable. Smoothies can have any liquid base which could include milk, water, and even juices. Then you blend them up with any ingredient including fruits, vegetables, nuts, or supplements. And yes, it could also consist of the whole fruit including its pulp. 

In other words, there is a really big difference when it comes to juicing and smoothies. You can make both drinks into a healthy beverage, but that doesn’t mean smoothies are always automatically good for you.

Do you get the same benefits when you juice and when you make smoothies?

In a way, it is possible to get the same benefits from juicing and smoothies because technically, you can make a smoothie out of just fruits and vegetables. 

However, there could be a difference depending on what you put inside your smoothie. While you are sure of the consistent nutritional benefits of green juices, smoothies on the other hand can be something entirely different. Green smoothies can be healthy, but all else might not really be. 

For example, if you only have fruit smoothies, then that might give you too much fruit sugars than what your body would require. And, of course, if you’re going to add in chocolate, and other sweeteners then you might be making dessert instead of a beverage. 

Is juicing really expensive? 

No. You don’t need expensive equipment to get your daily dose of green juices. There are cheap juicing machines you can buy in the market that can give you freshly squeezed juice in less than a few minutes. But if you’re pressed for time and a bit of money, there are also 

Are there any risks to drinking juices on a daily basis?

No. Not unless that’s the only thing you’re drinking for the entire day. Again, your body needs different nutrients to function properly and if you think juicing or any liquid will be enough for that, think again. You’re not doing your body any favors by starving yourself needlessly. 

Final Thoughts

Green juices are 100% healthy beverages that can supplement your nutritional needs. By drinking them wisely, you guarantee a better life for yourself and your family.