If you are a fitness freak, then you might have come across the term “Crash diet” term. Yes, a crash diet is a quick weight-loss method which is based on a low-calorie diet plan. Let me add one thing here it won’t give you the long-term results, and you will gain the weight right back. How many of you have tried a crash diet or planning for this? This blog has detailed information regarding crash diet and its side effects so let’s get started.

Important things do before getting started on Crash diet

Calculate the days

First, you need to calculate the days or figure out if any special event is coming up your way. If you have more than a month, then you don’t need to indulge yourself into this. You can try out other diets that have long-term results because crash diets will give short-term results.

Consult doctor first

You shouldn’t get started with anything without consulting doctor because if you have gone through any surgery recently then sudden, quick weight loss would be harmful. Ask the doctor first and make sure you are not taking any medications because you will do wrong with yourself. In

Kitchen must-haves

Stock up everything in the kitchen which you are going to consume in a week. Stay away from prohibited food which will only distract your attention.

Types of crash diet

Juice cleanse diet

Here you will be on a liquid diet without compromising on nutrients. You people will have so many varieties for consuming vitamin C enriched fruit juices that rejuvenate your body and skin. Do you know these fruit juices will flush out toxins from the body and keep you healthy?

Cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet is a low-calorie diet made up of cabbage and other veggies. It will reduce the water weight quickly, but it won’t give you a pleasant mood because consuming this soup more than a day will provide you with boredom.

Beverly hills diet

This diet contains only fruits in earlier days, and gradually you can incorporate other foods variety in the upcoming week.

Grapefruit diet

It includes grapefruit diet where you have to consume half a grapefruit and incorporate with other meals. It helps you in quick weight loss and won’t be effective. The only disadvantage of consuming grapefruit after every meal will cause nutritional deficiency and will create boredom to have only one type of fruit.

Chicken soup diet

Here you have to consume chicken soup for seven days. It’s up to you what veggies you want to add to enhance the soup taste with vitamins and other minerals. This is not ideal for vegan and vegetarians.

Crash diets are not full of nutrition, but it can help out in quick weight loss in a short time. With crash diet, you will be able to lose weight up to 10 pounds in maximum seven days, and fat burning will be started in the next four days. Crash diets are a low-calorie diet under the supervision of experts.

 Let’s have a look at how to go safely with a crash diet.

Abstain yourself from heavy exercises

For juice diet, you don’t need to do heavy exercise because your heavy stretched exercises won’t be suitable for you. Although you can go for yoga or some light stretching. Just keep this thing mind otherwise you will put your body in harm.

Stay away from alcohol

You will kill the benefits of crash diet if you include alcohol because it imbalance the glucose level in the body. Alcohol converts itself into sugar and increases the bad fat, which is not a healthy thing. If you were heavy drinker in the past and has been a part of alcohol rehab programs, then consult this with your doctor before getting started with a crash diet.

Avoid social parties

If you want to keep up the level of your diet, then you need to avoid social parties for some time because it’s hard to maintain the crash diet. For those who have to attend social gatherings on the urgent basis they can carry their food with them for maintaining their diet plan.

Don’t go crazy for this

You can opt this for short time period but don’t go crazy for this because it has short time duration of maximum seven days. You can’t incorporate your body for low-calorie diet for more than seven days.

Avoid heavy snacks

Although you are on a crash diet it doesn’t mean you are munching heavy snacks. Try to consume low-calories fruits, carrots, unsalted nuts, veggie chips with yoghurt dip and green tea. Don’t mess up your diet with heavy, oily snacks.

Keep yourself hydrated

With crash diet you need to consume water or fruit juice frequently but keep the level up of hydration by drinking water with rehydration salts twice a day. Don’t forget to consult this with your doctor if you have any medical history.

Symptoms of Crash Diet Side Effects

Crash diet side effects give you the following disorders that might be harmful to your body. If you are having any of the following, then visit your doctor as soon as possible for not major problem.

  1. Muscle loss
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety
  4. Poor attention
  5. Skin issues
  6. Hair fall
  7. Slow metabolism
  8. Low immunity level


Crash diet is not for long term weight loss as we have already mentioned this fact in this blog but you can do it for urgent basis. Avoid repeating the exercise again and again without consulting physician. An unsupervised crash diet is not a good thing to go, so try out first 7-days plan. Never exceed this diet to more than a 3-week plan for maximum weight loss. Sleep well, and eat healthy. If you have any past medical history, then avoid to try these unusual diets and don’t put yourself in trouble.