Having the proper mattress is the key to getting a good nights sleep.  Finding the right mattress for you to get a good night’s sleep on will make a huge difference in how you feel.  There are many different mattresses out there to choose from and it sometimes can get confusing trying to find the right one.   It becomes a bit more difficult when you sleep with a partner because you have to find a mattress that will be comfortable for both of you.  When you are buying a new mattress, you want one that is comfortable, you do not wake up hurting or achy, and you feel rested and refreshed.   Here are some tips to help you find the right mattress.

Know Your Sleeping Style

There are various types of sleepers that sleep in different positions every night.   The most important thing on finding a mattress is comfort and support.  The proper support will give you a proper alignment between your shoulder and hip area.  This keeps a person from feeling achy and hurting when they wake up in the mornings.  This is also particularly important to people that have back or neck problems.

  • There are side sleepers, that require a medium firmness on a mattress.
  • A stomach sleeper will require a softer firmness.
  • A back sleeper can use a firmer mattress.
  • There are also combo sleepers that can handle a little toward the firmness side of a mattress.

When a stomach sleeper sleeps on a hard mattress, they do not sink down into the mattress so the mattress can support their alignment.  This normally will make someone wake up with a backache and feeling stiff.  A combo sleeper is someone that sleeps on their back part of the night and then rolls over to their side or on their stomach.  They can handle a little firmer mattress because they are not in the same position all night and the pressure and support changes as they roll over and change support during the night.  So, make sure to select the mattress that gives your sleeping style the most support.

Do You Sleep with a Partner?

If you sleep with a partner or even a child, or a pet that is restless and moves around a lot at night, or gets up and down out of bed, the level of motion transfer is an important consideration.  There are beds that you will be able to feel your partner roll over at night and could wake your up.  If one of you get out of bed at night, some beds share the movement all across the mattress.  This can wake the other partner up and keep them from getting a good night’s rest.  There are mattresses that you can not even feel the other partners movements or them getting in and out of bed.  These would be the best choice for someone with a bed partner.

Your Weight and Size Can Make a Difference

There are many people that weigh more, while others that weigh less.  If you are a taller and bigger boned person you are going to outweigh someone that is shorter and has a smaller build.  There are mattresses that are designed with more support for example the inner spring or hybrid types of mattresses.  These seem to offer more support for someone that is heavier and can give them the comfort and pressure relief that other mattresses can not offer.

Check Out Your Local Mattress Stores

Even if you wind up not buying your mattress from your local mattress store, it is recommended to go browse around and see what they have.   Look at the different types and see how they are made.   Lay down on a couple and experts say lay there for about 10 minutes or so and see how it makes your feel.  If you feel like you are floating on air, and you feel that you are getting the support that you need, then know this mattress may be one for you.  If it does not feel right and is not comfortable, then it is not the right type for you.  Keep looking and honestly try out a couple of different types of mattresses.   It is okay to order your mattress online if you find a better price, just remember the brand and type that you liked the best.

Does the Mattress Offer Support to The Edge?

Not all mattresses offer support all the way to the edge of the mattress.  This can be especially important if you do not have a large room and have to purchase a full-size mattress to get it to fit.  If you need the sleep space, make sure that you are looking at a mattress that offers support all the way to the edge.  This gives you more sleeping space and if you sleep with a partner you are both not struggling over the middle of the bed.

Do You Get Night Sweats?

There are some mattresses that offer a cooling agent or allow airflow to go through them, helping to keep them cooler at night.  Not all mattresses are designed this way.  For someone that gets too hot at night while they are sleeping, it may be important to find a mattress that has some cooling properties to help with night sweats.   Some mattresses with the coil springs in them and foam on top with a cooling gel work quite well.

Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is a popular type of foam that is used in mattresses.  This foam by itself can be hot and the sleeper sinks deep into the bed and can cause some heavier sleepers to not be able to change positions very easily.  Most memory foams today are mixed with or offer a cooling gel agent that also seems to give the memory foam mattresses more support and has helped to make this type of mattress more popular.  Memory foam is also used in making pillow tops that go on top of many different types of beds.  It is wise to select your pillow top with a cooling gel for added comfort and support.


Latex is another type of foam, that offers more support than memory foam.  It is a denser foam and normally does not allow the sleeper to sink as deep into the bed.  It also offers a cooling agent to help to keep the mattress from being so hot as you sleep.


Polyfoam is another type of foam but is a very dense foam and normally is used on your more quality mattresses as a form of support to the mattress.  Some of the lower priced mattresses will use polyfoam as the complete mattress.  The downfall to this is with it being so dense, it does not offer a lot of support and can be too firm of a mattress for many sleepers.

Coil Spring

Many mattresses are designed with coil springs in the middle of different foams.  These mattresses are designed to offer support and are fairly popular.  The thing to watch for, is to know if the coils are individually wrapped or if they are all working together.   The individually wrapped coils seem to offer the best support and the best motion transfer for multiple sleepers.  When they are individual, they will move where the pressure is applied, leaving the rest standing still.  If you are sleeping with a partner you should be able to get out of bed and not disturb your partner.  If your partner is restless and moves a lot at night, you will not be disturbed by their movements.  Another important consideration is what is the layer above the springs.  Make sure you are getting the type of comfort from the foam above the springs also, to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.  There are many options to choose from so get the one that works for you.


There are many things to consider when purchasing a new mattress.  There are things such as budget, warranty, and life expectancy of your mattress that we have not talked about.  The budget has to work for you, make sure your mattress purchase will fit into your budget.  You do not have to buy the most expensive mattress on the market, but do not buy the cheapest one you can find either.  Make sure that you select one that offers you comfort and support and suits your needs for a good night’s rest.  Most quality mattresses will give you a 10 to 15-year warranty.  The lifetime expectancy of a mattress will vary.  If you purchase a cheaper mattress, you will probably be replacing it sooner than if purchasing a higher quality mattress.  A mattress is an investment into your health and giving you the quality sleep that you need to make it through the next day.  Know what you are looking for in a mattress and your preference of comfort level that your body requires.