You can grow kratom plants at home. But it is not an easy thing to do. There are many things to consider before planting kratom at your home.

An easy alternative to growing kratom at home is to buy kratom. You can buy kratom from If you want to grow kratom instead of buying it, you are in the right place. Read further to learn everything about growing kratom at home!

Grow Kratom Plants at Home

To grow kratom plants at home, you will have to get fresh kratom seeds. If you live in the US, UK, Canada, or anywhere far from Southeast Asia, it is hard to get fresh kratom seeds.

Here’s the thing:

Kratom grows in Southeast Asia. If you get kratom seeds from a merchant in Southeast Asia, they might get stale by the time they reach you.

Seeds don’t grow if they are not fresh. The chances of stale seeds growing are very low. So, you will have to find a place that provides you with fresh kratom seeds. Buy a lot of seeds and plant them all because only a few of them will sprout.

If you live in Southeast Asia or nearby, you can get fresh seeds easily.

Conditions for Growing Kratom

Every plant has different conditions. You should know the suitable conditions for kratom plants if you want it to grow successfully.

Southeast Asia’s environment is different from other places. The environment there is hot and humid. That’s the kind of environment where kratom grows. You will have to provide your kratom seeds with such an environment.


Temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit can kill your kratom plants. A good temperature for kratom would be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

As kratom grows in hot and humid regions, you will need a lot of heat and humidity for it to grow. In terms of humidity, 70-80% humidity is required for best quality kratom. It is best to start growing kratom in summers as you will have both high temperatures and humidity.

Above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is still low to grow good quality kratom. The ideal temperature for kratom would be between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Kratom plants need a lot of water. Without a lot of water, kratom plants may die in no time. Taking care of kratom plants is hard. You should be watering them 2-3 times a day.

As kratom plants grow best in hot weather, they need a lot of water. Water dries in not time in hot weather. So, there is no chance of overwatering kratom plants.

In hot weather, watering kratom plants 2-3 times per day would be enough. Between the watering sessions, you can also spray the kratom plants with water. This way, chances of kratom plants withering would be very low.

pH Level

Kratom needs acidic soil. The pH level of the soil for kratom plants should be between 5-6.5. It is very important to track the pH level of the soil.

Some plants can grow at any pH level but it is not the case in kratom plants. Kratom plants can also change the pH level of soil while growing. So, soil with suitable pH might become unsuitable if kratom is growing in it. You will have to check for that.


Kratom requires a lot of sunlight. You should place them somewhere where direct sunlight reaches. You can also grow kratom indoors but you will need lamps for it. So, it is better to grow kratom plants outdoors.

There is no such thing as too much sunlight when it is the case of kratom plants. They love light and without light, kratom plants can die.

Ways to Grow Kratom Plants

There are two ways you can grow kratom plants at home. One is from seeds and the other is from plant starters. So, let’s learn both ways so you can choose a suitable way for yourself!

How to Grow Kratom from Seeds?

To grow kratom from seeds, you will have to get fresh seeds. The suitable conditions to grow kratom at home from seeds are mentioned below. Consider them to get the best quality kratom at home.

Plant Seeds

When you have fresh seeds, plant them immediately. If you delay, kratom plants might not sprout from the seeds.

Kratom needs a lot of space to grow. So, it is better to plant them in a big pot or a garden. The bigger space, the better it is for kratom.

Use a lot of seeds because only a few seeds will sprout and others will die.

Seed Germination

The seeds will sprout within a few days. If they don’t sprout within 3 weeks, it means that they have died.

Germination of kratom seeds requires suitable conditions. So, make sure you provide the kratom plants with all the required conditions.

Harvest Seeds

It takes 2-3 years for kratom to grow up to a mature level. The longer they grow, the more alkaloids they have. You can take kratom leaves from the trees and use them.

The best time to harvest kratom is early autumn. It is better to take out the leaves before they drop on their own.

How to Grow Kratom from Plant starters?

If you are a new grower, using plant starters is a better option. It will be easier to grow a kratom in such a way because the germination process is difficult in this case.

You don’t need to plant the plant starters as they’re already planted. All you have to do is to water them frequently and place them in direct sunlight.

This option proves to be more successful if you take proper care of kratom plants.


You can grow kratom plants at home but it requires a lot of care and consideration. Finding suitable conditions for kratom plants outside Southeast Asia is hard. But if you still want to try, you should! In case you need help, here’s how to avoid developing kratom tolerance.

In the end, you always have the option to buy kratom from a store.