Body aches and muscle pain are common symptoms of many conditions. One of the well-known conditions that cause body aches is the flu. Day-to-day activities can also cause muscle pain.

Sometimes, treating muscle pain and body aches just requires some rest. However, other situations are more severe and require immediate intervention. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of muscle pain and when it is a good idea to see a Medical Exercise Specialist for help.

1. Stress

If someone is stressed, their immune system is unable to control its response to inflammation. This can result in the body having trouble fighting off sickness and infections like it typically do. It may also result in aches because the body is more susceptible to issues related to infection and inflammation.

Some of the top symptoms of anxiety include headaches, shaking, hyperventilating, cold sweats and hot flashes, increased blood pressure, and a high heart rate. If stress is believed to be the cause of muscle pain, reducing stress is a top treatment option. Your physician can help you determine the best course of action to take.

2. Dehydration

Water is a crucial part of the body, and it is necessary for the normal function of the body. Without enough water, the body will not be able to perform many essential processes, including digestion and breathing. If someone is dehydrated, body processes are not working correctly, which means the individual may begin to experience physical pain.

3. Inadequate Sleep

If someone does not get enough sleep, that lack of sleep can harm their overall health. It is necessary to get between six and eight hours of sleep per night. This includes REM rest. The body’s cells and tissues require proper sleep to remain healthy, and the brain needs it to remain alert and refreshed. If someone is not getting enough sleep, it means the body does not have the required time to replenish essential processes and energies, which may result in pain.

4. The Flu or a Cold

Colds and the flu are both viral infections that result in inflammation. The infection may attack the body, and as the immune system works to fight it off, inflammation sets in. This can cause serious pain. The person’s body may ache and muscles hurt as the body works to fight the infection.

5. Anemia

Anemia is a condition that occurs if the body does not have enough red blood cells. This results in insufficient oxygen throughout the body. If anemia occurs, many different parts of the body will begin to feel fatigued because they are not getting the proper oxygen to remain healthy or to function properly.

6. Vitamin D Deficiency

Low blood calcium levels, which are called hypocalcemia, may occur when someone does not get enough vitamin D in their body. Many of the organs in the body, such as the muscles and kidneys, rely on the presence of calcium to work properly. Bones also require calcium.

Understanding the Top Causes of Muscle Pain

When it comes to muscle pain, there are many possible causes to know about. Understanding what some of the most common are can help ensure a person seeks treatment when it is needed or takes it easy to help stop the pain. Knowing the causes is the best way to avoid future issues.