Your online brand reputation can help your business soar, but if not managed and monitored, it can be the end of you. The entire world finds what they’re looking for online. Make sure that what they see when they search your brand is as lively and accurate as possible.

Martim Nabeiro is an expert consultant who has helped many companies raise the bar on their online brand reputation. He is well known and trusted by a large variety of casinos online, which he regularly consults to improve their online brand reputations. He shares some expert tips to help you streamline your internet presence.

Where to Start

It can be overwhelming if you’ve recently had a truly negative review of your brand in plain sight of the entire world. It’s essential to react correctly and take the necessary steps to ensure that potential customers get a correct and accurate image of who you are. By taking a few small steps, you can make a huge difference to improve your online reputation.

Increase Your Online Engagement and Presence

Social media was used by an average of 2.65 billion people worldwide by the end of 2018, and it’s projected to increase to more than 3 billion by 2021. You can’t ignore the potential that lies in social media marketing.

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have excellent automated tools for business marketing that works to enhance your brand strategy. If you have a specific target market, you can set up the tools to speak directly to the audience you’re trying to reach. By cutting out consumers that you’re not targeting, you’re also cutting out potential negative feedback from people that don’t understand your objective. So these tools have an immediate two-fold function you can utilize to increase your online engagement and reputation.

Respond to Negative Reviews Timeously and Honestly

It’s an age-old saying that for every customer complaint you’ll get ten negative reviews and for every happy customer, you’ll maybe get one. There is unfortunately still truth in it today.

People want to vent when they feel disgruntled, and with the internet, they have a worldwide audience that’s ready to jump onto the bandwagon. Susan might have bought farm milk from you that wasn’t creamy enough, and if you don’t respond to her complaint, you’ll end up with people attacking your Farmer’s Market for milking cows.

If you have a string of negative reviews on your site, you can do a few things to counter it. Ask your loyal and satisfied clients to write an online recommendation for your business if they’re happy. You can reward customers for leaving online reviews on various trusted sites. The best way to respond to negative online reviews is to engage with the disgruntled customer on the specific post, apologize and if possible turn the negative feedback into a cheerful ending,

Determine an Online Strategy

You can consider working with professional SEO or ORM companies likeĀ to write regular reviews for your brand on trusted sites. Consumer Watchdog sites are one of the first places potential customers go before engaging with a brand.

By contracting an outside professional, you’ll get honest and unbiased reviews that you can trust. Set up a standard term for feedback and when they should leave reviews on various sites. Always remain in control of the content when you employ an outside firm to write about your brand. Choose the tone, keywords and topics you want from the agency.

Be willing to accept and change in your business if you continuously get the same negative feedback. The customer isn’t always right, but then again, they’re not still wrong either. If you keep on receiving the same complaint, it could be worth it, in the long run, to change your approach to that specific area of your brand.

Monitor What Is Said About Your Brand

There are excellent tools on Google that’ll allow you to receive alerts whenever your brand is mentioned online. Apply these tools regularly and follow up with the person discussing it. If it’s a positive review or mention, thank them. If it’s negative, follow the same route and engage with them on the site until you’ve reached a resolve.

Potential clients need to see that you’re willing to accept when your brand made a mistake. Don’t be scared of apologizing publicly on forums or review sites. People are very forgiving if you’re sincere and humble.


The internet offers you vast opportunities to get into every potential customer’s home. If you’re willing to make small changes and apply the excellent tools available to you, you can create a trusted brand online.

Don’t step back from asking advice, and your customers will be more than willing to tell you how to improve your online presence, so engage with them regularly.