Almost two years ago, back in October 2018, a legislation was made by the Canadian senate to make Cannabis legal. Since then, it has given a spike to the tourism industry in the country, which has given jobs to 3.6% Canadians in the year 2019.

Although every state has set its own rules and regulations regarding the production and consumption of Cannabis in tow, the primary purpose of its legalization is to keep it away from the youth and make deep cuts to illegal smugglers. 

Another fact that needs to be highlighted is the cannabis legalization because Canada is the second country after Uruguay to pass the Cannabis Act in 2018. Which means you can buy and sell Cannabis in your state for both medical and recreational purposes. 

 Not only this, but it can also be purchased from any of the online dispensaries in Canada within your desired form. Whether you want to use it for food, drinks, or any other form described under law, you can have it. It’s 100% legal and working under the provisions of law as well. 

Here some other restrictions about Cannabis usage in Canada that you should be aware of. It’d help you to avoid any legal prosecution for the consumption, distribution, or acquisition of Cannabis in your state.

Promotion and enticement

If you’re interested in the mass production and promotion of Cannabis in Canada after the legislation, then this point is especially for you. The Cannabis Act 2018 mentioned that no one could promote Cannabis in a way that it looks appealing to the youth. 

Even the packaging and labeling should not be designed in a way that looks attractive and enchanting to the youngsters. Furthermore, no one can place Cannabis in vending machines or any self-service in public.

In case of violation, the person can be fined up to 5 million dollars or 3 years’ imprisonment through a jurisdiction.   

Age limitations 

Any person who’s under the age of 18 without gender discrimination, if caught in the sale or purchase of Cannabis in any province of Canada, can be penalized for 14 years in jail. Furthermore, there are two criminal offenses mentioned to protect youth from becoming a tool of sale or purchase for the mafias.

The same imprisonment period will be given to the person who’s giving or selling Cannabis to you and using young individuals to commit a cannabis-related offense, either willingly or unknowingly. 

Criminal Penalties

Last but not least, restrictions are there for the people who’re running organized illegal companies in the country for the sake of profits and smuggling. These penalties are set to protect the rights of licensed sellers who’re paying taxes and other required money to the Govt. 

The offense is serious; therefore, restrictions are pretty strict than typical drug penalties. However, sanctions start from warnings and tickets for minor offenses. But it leads to criminal prosecution and imprisonment of severe offenses. 


The cannabis act has contributed a lot in the revenues & economic growth of the country. It has decreased the selling of the drug in the black market as well. However, there are still a few things that need to be reconsidered!

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