Cigarettes are downright unpleasant- the smell, the smoke, not forgetting its effects on the body. Once you catch the cigarette smoking habit, it is tough to stop. Many countries worldwide are advocating for people to stop smoking cigarettes, but this fight is nowhere near the end. So what does Sweden do? They come up with Snus!

You must be wondering what Snus is, and so in a nutshell, it is smokeless tobacco. Snus is very popular in Sweden, and below is why it is gaining popularity the world over.

It consists of only tobacco

Cigarettes have earned the name cancer sticks over the years due to the adverse effects on the human body, cancer taking the win. A good chunk of cigarette smokers has caught cancer down the line. And this is because cigarettes have tar, nicotine alongside the tobacco. This combination is a dangerous one that has resulted in cancerous cells developing. That said, Snus has only one product-tobacco; hence it is not as fatal as cigarettes are.

Snus can be used anywhere

There are no-smoking signages on almost every commercial and private building in the world. People do not find the smoke coming from cigarettes appealing hence the stern warnings. Snus, however, is a discrete substance that can be used anywhere. Unlike cigarettes that are quite conspicuous, you could use Snus in the office, at home or the park without disturbing anyone’s peace.

Snus can help you quit cigarettes

As aforementioned, stopping a cigarette smoking habit is very challenging. The nicotine in cigarettes gives you an addiction that has you craving for a puff every few hours. The excellent news for a person willing to stop the smoking habit is switching to tobacco Snus. Indeed, the body might want more nicotine, but tobacco makes it easier to quit cigarettes since it is getting what is mainly needed.

Snus has a variety of flavors

Let’s face it; cigarettes are boring when it comes to flavor. They only have minimal versions of flavors with more or less the same taste. Even so, the flavored brands are costly, but guess what? Snus has many preferences panning from the traditional mint, apple, spearmint, strawberry, grape, licorice, and so much more. Think of a flavor, well, Snus probably has a version of it. Yes, even orange!

Snus is cheaper

For this point, let us do some math; an average smoker smokes at least 200 cigarettes per month. In a pack, there are at least 20 cigarettes, and that translates to 10 packets. Let’s say a box is $4, then that comes to 40 dollars in total for just one month. Well, comparing Snus’s price that costs an average of $2, and this package could take you at least two weeks to a month to finish. With that comparison, Snus is way more economical to use, thus cheaper.


Snus has its advantages, but that does not rule out that it has repercussions too. All medical experts advise that you should keep away from tobacco products entirely, but if you must, Snus is better than cigarettes.