Life is full of stressors, whether they come from your job, your domestic responsibilities, your finances, or your relationships. If you let stress build up, it can lead to chronic conditions of fatigue, anger, headaches, nervousness, and digestive upset. The healthcare industry recommends several ways to lower your stress levels, including adequate sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. However, you can also order supplements from wholesale supplement distributors. These are some of the top recommendations for relieving your stress through natural nutrients.


Getting enough sleep is good for your health, but the quality of sleep also makes a big difference. Insomnia and stress are linked, so if you have trouble staying asleep or falling asleep, you may be making your stress worse. Many people find that it is a lot harder to fall asleep when their mind is racing or they are stressed about the meeting at work the next day. Melatonin naturally regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, encouraging your body to fall into a sleep a deep sleep once it gets dark outside. It can reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to fall asleep, allowing their minds and body to reset for the next day. Always start with a low dose before increasing your intake.

Rhodiola Rosea

Hard to pronounce and hard to found outside of the cold mountain regions in Asia and Russia, this herb is non-toxic and stimulates the body to resist stress. Users who take the supplement consistently may find that their cognitive functions improve, they have reduced fatigue, and their sleep patterns become more regular. This is one of the supplements that will need to be ordered, as it is an uncommon herb to find in the average grocery store.


The body relies on amino acids to create proteins, and in addition to finding this component in private label weight loss supplement, it can be used in stress blend formulas. There are studies that show the resistant properties of glycine against stress because of the calming it effect it seems to have on the brain. It also lowers the body’s core temperature, keeping you more comfortable when settling into a good night’s rest. Even though it improves the quality of sleep, you can feel the effects through more focus and alertness the next day.

B Complex Vitamins

There are a number of B vitamins, all with different benefits, but talking about the B complex usually means a supplement that contains all eight B vitamins. This blend has an important job in transforming any food consumed into usable energy. It is also vital to brain and heart health. Even though you can get an adequate supply of these vitamins through meats, eggs, grains, dairy products, leafy greens, and legumes, a supplement can more consistently address high-stress levels. The complex formula can boost mood and energy levels, combatting two negative symptoms associated with chronic stress.

If you want to add a few things to your morning routine to help with stress, these supplements are the way to go. Combine these with a healthy diet and exercise program for the best benefits.